Herbal Solutions For Hair Care

Isn’t the common dream of all of us glowing, shining hair with health? Since hair is one of the mirrors and head actors of our beauty, care must be taken for its care. For hair care all the possibilities of nature have been mobilized for us. As long as we do not neglect cleaning, maintenance and protection issues. Even a healthy diet is one of the important steps of living hair. The secret of fast growing hair is also in these simple formulas. I would like to talk about what you need to consider before moving on to herbal solutions for hair care. Taking precautions may be easier than repairing. Uz We do the most damage to our hair to look beautiful. The high temperature of hair stylers to apply the most beautiful hairstyles, the sprays we use to fix the shape we give, and the dyes we use to change the hair color with different efforts to look. Especially if you want to dye your hair to a lighter color than it is, chemicals used in hair opening process. These are all factors that wear out the hair.

We all ask each other for any openers that don’t wear the hair. If you want to turn your black hair into yellow, your hair will be damaged if they say we use the most natural ingredients. In such cases, you need to apply emergency care with appropriate hair care products. But if you want to lighten the natural color of your hair a few shades, you can apply natural methods. You can use methods such as baking soda, oxygen or chamomile water to lighten hair naturally. In our article on lightening hair color with natural methods , we talked about the application of all hair opening methods that do not harm the hair, you can browse that article if you wish.


Let’s come to the tools that shape the hair with high heat. If you never say without a hair straightener and curling iron, you should make more efforts in the stages of protection and care. Using these tools while your hair is wet will cause it to break faster. Again, giving a high amount of heat will dry your hair. Before using hair styling, make sure to dry your hair well and use a product such as protective hair serum, thermal water spray. Using your hair by cutting it into thin pieces rather than thick tufts and reducing the temperature setting of the hair straightener will minimize damage. Washing with very hot water also wears your hair. Washing with warm water will be good for your scalp.

Hair care at home is both economical and safer because it is done with the materials you know. Having hair care constantly in the hairdresser can both shake your budget and the products used are cosmetics. Nature has provided us with all sorts of possibilities, and while every remedy is present in plants, you can discover them and revive your hair that has been worn with natural care oils. Massaging the scalp both stimulates your hair follicles and allows your scalp to breathe. Healthy scalp also means healthy hair. Hair loss , massage on the scalp is effective for dandruff problems and fast hair growth.




Pure olive oil is the best solution that nourishes the hair and provides scalp care. The benefits of olive oil to hair are to prevent loss, besides softening, revitalizing and shine. Even and even massage with olive oil is known as the formula of fast hair growth. It would be absurd not to evaluate when we have such a blessing at hand. 🙂


How to apply ?


Method 1:
Dip your fingers into the olive oil you poured into a bowl, massage it with your fingertips and apply it to your scalp.
Massage for 15 minutes and wrap your hair with a towel
After waiting half an hour, wash with warm water.


Method 2:
Olive oil will be applied directly in this way, and its effect increases when heated.
Put olive oil in a coffee pot on the stove above the stove and heat it in a double boiler.
Massage your scalp with olive oil for 5-10 minutes. ( Thus, it will both increase its effect and speed up your blood circulation .)
After the massage, wrap your hair with a damp towel. ( It is important for the towel to absorb olive oil and prevent the air flow and increase the effect of olive oil on the scalp.


NOTE: When applying the second method, heating the oil directly on fire can cause it to burn and reduce its effect. Just make sure that it stays only a short time and does not overheat. The treatment cycle with olive oil, which is the easiest among the natural methods in hair care, can be applied once a week.




The miracles of honey do not stop counting, but it will be beneficial for those who want to care for shiny hair at home. You will see that it renews your hair with its antioxidant effect and moisturizing feature.


How to apply ?


Mix 1 teaspoon of honey with 1 teaspoon of warm water.
After washing your hair, remove excess water, feed it on the ends of the hair while it is moist.


NOTE: This rinse-free blend is the simplest formula for shiny and healthy looking hair.




Have you heard that onions are used against hair loss? It is an antibacterial with the feature of deep cleansing of the hair of onion juice, which ensures healthy hair growth. It contains vitamins C and B6 and potassium, magnesium, germanium and sulfur, which are essential for healthy scalp. Sulfur is one of the important building blocks of hair. It is active in the production of collagen and keratin.


How to apply ?


Grate a medium onion for onion cure against hair loss.
Add 1 teaspoon of pine turpentine oil.
Apply the mixture to your scalp and wrap a stretch film on your hair.
After shaking for half an hour, shampoo your hair.




Combination of honey and onion is also effective against hair loss. It is a highly preferred method by people to prevent hair loss. In addition, by adding honey to the onion cure for hair care, you will nourish and revitalize your hair. The benefit of onion juice to hair gives better results especially in men’s hair loss problem.


How to apply ?


For onion juice and honey cure, pass a medium onion through the blender and take only water with the help of a spoon.
Mix 2 teaspoons of honey.
You can also optionally add a few drops of lavender oil.
To prevent the smell of onion, add a few drops of lemon or rose water into it
Apply to your scalp by massage
Wait for half an hour and forty minutes and wash your hair




It is known that pine turpentine oil, a popular product of recent times, is effective in hair loss. This product, which nourishes the hair roots, provides health and is effective for fast hair growth, is preferred because it is applied very easily. Transfer pine turpentine oil, you can find it in pharmacies or markets. The best part is that it does not have stages such as preparing a mixture, holding it, rinsing it to apply to the hair. For the application of pine turpentine oil, you just need to mix it with the shampoo you use daily. You will be treated at the same time with each wash.


How to apply ?
Add the oil you will buy in a 20 ml bottle to your 300 gram shampoo bottle and wash your hair.


Other Methods
Natural masks containing egg yolk, avocado, coconut and milk are among the natural methods used in hair care.


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