Highlights: Ideas not to be missed!

Highlights: Ideas not to be missed!

The shades of the highlights vary in a multitude of colors and shades. The strokes of sun are that treatment that allows you to create wonderful shades of color without having to be enslaved by the actual dye, with all the consequences (often a bit annoying and continuous ) in terms of “maintenance” .


Recently, between sunstroke and similar techniques, such as the balayage , the shatush , l ombre (or ombrè) hair , there is a confusion of terminology within which it is difficult to untangle and understand perfectly what a technique consists of rather than another, such as lighting effects or of coloring it gives to your hair and because one can be better than another. Well, let’s clarify a little bit, let’s start right from the highlights. What effects do they give to your hair, can they be suitable for you? Better on long or short hair?


What do they consist of and why is it useful to make them?


The highlights consist of a method of NON-TOTAL coloring of the hair, that is, in lightening some strands with a bleaching system, specifically a preparation consisting of a bleach and hydrogen peroxide ( scientifically: hydrogen peroxide).


So it is NOT a real coloring technique, that is dyeing, as more properly a discoloration technique , partial, only on a part of the hair, therefore much more resistant to time and shampoos .


To whom they give and to whom not


The highlights are a real cure-all for those who want to add volume and movement to their hairstyle by generating points of light and beautiful shimmering reflections as if they had been created by the natural discolouration due to the exposure to the sun. The highlights allow to add “dimension” to the face and to have a more modern and attractive look .


Moderate and not too showy, the sunburn method is the one for which the negative effect of regrowth is less visible than in others, moreover it is also the one that, thanks to the discoloration lightening of some strands of hair, better he manages almost perfectly to mask white hair .


The highlights are also very suitable for those who have never dyed their hair and I want to give a little life back to their hair without being forced to have a methodical dye done. which is a bit drastic and, for those who have never done it, even a little demanding.


The highlights are perfectly suited to any type of hair , light or dark, smooth or wavy. For example, to wavy hair they will add a sense of superior depth and on straight or super smooth hair they will create the effect of a pleasantly fuller volume .


Sunstroke and long, medium or short hair


Well, the medium and long hair highlights always adapt very well , so our opinion is: yes, always and in any case.


If, on the other hand, you have a short hair, don’t worry: you too have the right to your beautiful highlights. Just try to remember that in this case it is better that are made on the front of your hairstyle, for example, the bangs or the tuft, and never uniformly over the entire extension of your hair. In this way you will obtain an effect of adding light to the face and the short cut will consequently be much better valued .


Still a tip? Ok, if you are already thinking about the subsequent applications , and especially if you make your beautiful highlights at home, alone, then try to remember that the contrast between the base color and the one that will be achieved by means of bleaching it must be as natural as possible, ultimately it must not appear as artificially created but must remember in the most realistic way possible the effect that a normal exposure to the sun (perhaps more intense than usual, as happens in summer) produces on a “normal” hair. A too uniform lightening, therefore not very natural, will produce a much less pleasant and attractive effect.


Take a look at these new styles before deciding which one to try first .


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The sunstrokes still exist?


Among the many shades that are in fashion today on the hair, one wonders if the highlights and highlights still exist. The streaks are the large and uniform locks, while the highlights are small thin locks. Until 10 years ago, regrowth was not yet in fashion, so as soon as you saw the black of the root you ran to the shelter of the hairdresser . Fortunately, this is no longer the case today and the fad of fading allows you to lengthen the time between one session and another.


The streaks today are called by different names and are made with special techniques. The shock blonde imported from the USA has also gone to replace more delicate shades. If once we started the lightening by choosing the tone of blond , today instead we start from the base, to understand how to make the result harmonious and have less detachment at the root. Sunstrokes are still a type of fashion lightening and appreciated by many women , especially as anti-white hair solution. The blonde is in fact confused with the white hair hiding them: with the nuance this is obviously not possible. Shatush, balayage and all the new shades lighten the hair drastically, while the highlights soften the hair again.


How to choose the right shade of blond


For the highlights, as mentioned, the ideal thing is to evaluate the starting base color to better evaluate the right shade. The perfect color is usually in line with the base, so as not to give shock results that we don’t want. The highlights, or highlights, serve to give movement and dimension to the hair thanks to personalized and brilliant reflections. According to the cut and the points to be illuminated therefore, the color distribution will be slightly different. There are three elements to consider before making sun highlights to hair: hair color , eye color and skin color. The basic nuances can be dark brown, blond brown, dark blond, blond.


For example, if the starting color is light blond, the skin will probably be light. If you have light eyes , green or blue, the light strokes should be very clear to stand out on the rest of the crown. If the base is more a dark blond, the eyes and skin are not very clear, it is better to go for warm blondes. The shades will therefore be caramel or honey. For those who want to dare, with these characteristics, shades more tending to orange are also perfect. A classic dared by the most nonconformist stars. If the base is brown, splendid light effects can be obtained. If the complexion is olive-colored, the best thing is to choose a color close to the base one, for a natural and refined result. If the brown, medium brown or light brown base, you can choose a lightening shade tending to blond or copper red , which will give light and vitality to the look, but without a too strong contrast.


How to make highlights at home


For DIY light strokes, just have a little patience and a minimum of manual skills. These color notes are made on dry hair, preferably after a few days after washing. To make highlights at home, you need a packet of bleach, oxygen cream in 10, 20, 30 or 40 volumes. The oxygen content depends on the desired lightening shade for the streaks . In addition to these substances you will need to get a color kit: a plastic bowl and a dye brush. A cape, rubber gloves, a comb and tinfoil, cut into rectangles, will be useful to wrap the locks. To top it off, also get a toning or reflecting, to make the final result harmonious.


Put on gloves and cape, mix in the color kit 60 grams of bleach, 60 ml of oxygen in cream. Divide the hair into sections with the help of a tail comb, stopping the locks with pliers or clothes pegs. Each section will be divided into small strands. Place the sheet of aluminum foil at the base of the lock to be lightened, holding it still with your left hand. Lay the lock along the foil resting on the head, brush it with the bleaching agent , from the roots to the tips.


Close the foil by folding it in two and then in four, making sure to close it also laterally. You can mark the fold point with the comb, to facilitate the operation. Repeat the operation on all hair, leaving it on for 20 minutes. Always check the first maps placed, to ensure a homogeneous result. Remove the foils, and rinse your hair well. Do the reflective and after the exposure time, wash your hair as usual.


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