Honey-colored hair, a classy choice for spring!

Honey-colored hair, a classy choice for spring!

Have you decided to opt for a change of look, preferring a nice color honey ? Well, you are on the right path, considering that honey-colored hair is a warm and intense shade of hair, which has gone particularly fashionable during the last autumn / winter period, and now able to reproduce this fundamental shade of blonde even for spring 2016. But who is a honey-colored hair really good for? And how can you wear this color?


Honey blonde, many shades for you!


The honey-colored hair is blonde-colored hair, to be personalized and declined according to your style preferences, according to your complexion, and according to the other characteristics that make your face “unique” . Clearly, such a variety of choices can only lead you to a little effort to understand which is the right color, thus avoiding falling into wrong temptations.


The choice of the right honey color depends not only on your tastes, but also on your complexion and base color. So, the alternatives may be those that induce you to marry a more coppery shade (preferable if you have a golden complexion) or a golden shade, or even a light honey blonde (especially if you have pink skin).


Honey blonde, what is it?


In the very rich collection of blondes, the honey blonde is certainly part of the area of ​​warm shades (to be clear, it is the opposite of the platinum blonde color, which is instead a cold color). Within the same area of ​​the warm colors you will also find a beautiful vanilla blonde, which unlike “our” honey color, however, is better for those with fair skin. Therefore, without prejudice to these premises, honey blond can not only satisfy the trends that now seem to prefer a warm shade, but also women who seek a more “open” tone to adaptations on their complexion. Remember in fact that, contrary to what happens with other shades of blond, honey blond can also highlight medium-dark complexions, and not only the lighter ones.


How to comb honey blonde hair?


The shades honey color can be suitable for both straight and wavy hair. Probably, however, the top can be reached right on a wavy hairstyle, natural or with waves. In order to give an even more “in” tone, you can use an oil that can give a greater shine. The honey blond color can also be applied with great pleasure even on a slightly scaled cut.


As for some other additional advice, try to play a little with the contrasts: the dark honey blonde can be combined with a lighter shade on the tips, perhaps evaluating some contrast with the right hairstyle (even a braid can be perfect to enhance this mix of colors). As far as the latest fashions in make-up suggest, try to enhance the eye area, especially if you have green or blue eyes.

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