How Many Wire Hair Are Shedding Per Day?

Denizli State Hospital Skin Specialist Dr. Ali Yaşar says that people who lose more than 80 hairs per day are at risk of losing their hair.

Stating that hair loss is one of the important skin diseases, Yaşar said, “Hair loss is divided into two as a scar and a non-scar. Hair loss that leaves scars are burns, surgical scars on the scalp, some fungal diseases, loss of various skin diseases and often seen as regional areas of hair loss within the scalp. Early diagnosis and treatment is especially important since the hair that falls out will not regrow. ” said.

Uzm, who emphasizes that in cases of no spills, there is a high probability that the hair will regrow if the cause is removed. Dr. Yaşar said, “The most common cause of anorexia hair loss is some forms of anemia, especially iron deficiency anemia. Apart from this, vitamin and element deficiencies such as vitamin B12, folic acid and zinc cause this type of spillage. Long-lasting, very tight weight loss regimens are another reason. Some medications and chemicals, especially cancer medicines, high fever, severe and prolonged diseases such as typhoid fever, diseases such as goiter of the thyroid gland, major surgical operations and severe psychological stresses can cause such spills. ” expressed in the form.

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