How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

When Should We Wash Our Hair?

Actually, how long you need to wash your hair depends on your hair type. Although the experts state that it is harmful to wash hair every day, it will be more appropriate to use products according to your hair type and to determine the hair washing time accordingly. Experts offer washing recommendations for different hair types, from dry to dyed hair.

Thick hair


Thick hair is the easiest to care for. Not much effort is required. Washing every 3 days will work best for you. Of course, it is essential to use a suitable shampoo for thick hair.

Dry Hair


If your hair is dry, it will be important to moisturize your hair. And after washing, only condition the hair length and ends with a conditioner for dry hair. For the question of how many days should dry hair be washed, we can say every day.


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fine hair


The probability of lubrication and wear by chemical / environmental factors is higher in thin hair. Thin hair should be shampooed every day to keep it moisturized and bulky. It should be treated with hair conditioner for fine hair after both cleaning and afterwards.


Dyed hair


The primary issue for dyed hair care is to use a color protective shampoo. Washing more than 3 days a week may cause your paint to fade.


Damaged Hair


If your hair is damaged and damaged, you should definitely use an extra care hair care product. You only need to shampoo twice a week. But use a restorative care product after shampoo.


How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

How often should we wash our hair


Oily hair


Oily hair is actually a scalp problem. If you ask how often oily hair should be washed, the answer is 4 times. You should wash it 4 times a week to prevent excess sebum production. But purify with water only 2 times. Choose a hair care shampoo for oily hair on both occasions. Those with oily hair should definitely use a conditioner. Massage with conditioner to prevent excessive accumulation of oil on the scalp.


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Wholemeal Hair


Daily use of shampoo is recommended for dandruff hair. Dandruff is actually an increase in yeast that is formed on the scalp and for this reason, the scalp flakes. You should end the formation of dandruff by washing it every day with a quality and clean shampoo.


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