How to decorate your nails in a simple and creative way!

How to decorate your nails in a simple and creative way!

How to decorate your nails in a simple and creative way!


If you are looking to renew your appearance, nails are definitely a good starting point: creatively and creatively decorate your nails vi in fact, it will allow to communicate an image of great attention to fashion and personal care externally. And why not take advantage of this intuition to be able to personalize your nails in an extraordinarily personal way? In the following lines, you will find the best instructions to be able to decorate your nails and, below, many photos from which to take inspiration for your nail restyling!


Preparing the nails for coloring


The first step to being able to assure you of creative colored nails is certainly to make a small preparation, ensuring that you can work on a clean basis. Therefore, take a solvent substance and remove all traces of nail polish present in the nail. Next, model them to make them regular and uniform, helping you with a file: be careful not to overdo the filings, as to make good nail art, the nails should not be too short.


How to decorate your nails in a simple and creative way!


Finally, apply a base for the nail, which will protect it from damage. Simply spread the product on the nail and wait for it to dry before proceeding further.


A “basic” creative coloring


Once you have understood how to prepare the nails for the coloring work, let’s proceed with a first step: the creation of a very simple creative style , through painting of the nail bezel with a different color. This is an extremely practical way to personalize your nails: choose two complementary colors that can perfectly match on the same nail, apply the first nail polish and, once dry, apply special adhesives on the nails, leaving only the tip uncovered, that you are going to paint with the second color.


A practical variant, always very simple, instead provides for the application of a small glitter, in the upper part, near the tip, or even in a less discreet treatment that involves the application of many glitter on the nail: simply mix the glitter directly on the nail polish, and apply it on the nail.


How to decorate your nails in a simple and creative way!


Polka dot colors


If the basic creative colors are not enough, you can take a small step forward and dedicate yourself to something slightly more advanced: the polka dot nail art. Doing so is very simple: simply apply your favorite nail polish, dip a brush in a second nail polish and let your imagination work, creating dots on the nail. The dots can be modeled in an extremely personalized way: you can therefore create real flowers or, as we have also had the opportunity to examine on this site, wonderful leopard nails!


But how can I find inspiration?


The list of various alternatives with which to distinguish your nails could go on and on. But how can we find inspiration for a style to make one’s own?


This is, in good evidence, the most difficult part of your work, considering that with a little manual skill the preparation of a good technique of nail art will not be difficult to practice. Well, to get caught by the right inspiration, you can certainly read books on nail art, or attend one of the many courses on the topic.


Although obvious, the first step can only be to look at the photogallery in the lines that follow. You will find 30 photos of models that you could borrow. Let us know how it went!


How to decorate your nails in a simple and creative way!

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