How to get orange hair at home!

How to get orange hair at home!

Having orange hair ? In order to have this shade of red , you can use a dye from your hairdresser, who will be able to calibrate the best lightening together with you in order to arrive at a color that can satisfy the your stylistic needs. If, however, you want to arrive alone at excellent orange hair , there is nothing better than trying to follow some of these strategies. We warn you immediately, however: the results may not be as expected, so proceed with great moderation and a pinch of attention.


Use of natural dyes


The first technique to be able to lighten hair and make it orange is to focus entirely on natural dyes . One of these is certainly the sun, whose light can lighten your hair a lot, especially in summer. It is for this reason, on the other hand, that many people have hair almost blond in summer, and almost brown in winter. So try to enjoy the beautiful days of this season, and you could gain in brightness.


If, however, you want to speed up the process of hair lightening with other natural products, lemon is certainly at the top of the list: applied on dark or brown hair, it can give you some [ 19459002] streaks lighter and help to get orange hair. However, apply the lemon in moderation and caution, and then sunbathe for 30 to 60 minutes. Alternatively, try mixing the juice of a lemon with that of a lime or an orange and apply this solution on the hair. Do not overdo it, however: lemon juice can lighten your hair but at the same time, if applied in large doses, it will make them drier.


Among the other natural coloring systems based on lemon , try also to use the possibility of mixing its juice with honey and beer: the latter has in fact a lightening effect on the hair and allows the lemon to not make them too dry . All you have to do is take the juice of half a lemon and add it to three tablespoons of apples, then mix them with the beer. Leave to dry for an hour in the sun and then rinse and proceed to apply the conditioner.


Still within the natural dyes, a nod is attributable to cassia, a plant that you probably know best with the name of neutral henna. Available in all herbalist’s shops or in pharmacies, it is easy to apply for remarkable results, and close to a golden blonde with orange streaks.


Chemical dyes


The alternative in order to obtain excellent orange hair is to proceed with the purchase of a good quality chemical dye, whose application on the garment can allow you to obtain the desired result. Just the choice of the dye seems to be the most delicate step: try to use the image that appears on the package as a visual reference, but do not delude yourself that the arrival point is exactly the same. Very often you get the desired result with a few steps and a few attempts and, therefore, do not be discouraged if on the first occasions the result is not exactly the nice red orange you wanted.


Before applying the dye, remember not to wash your hair , and possibly try to apply petroleum jelly along the hairline in order to avoid spots on the skin. Also put an old towel on your shoulders to repair clothing from stains and, if you have the opportunity, ask a friend or family member for a helping hand: having someone else apply the color will allow you in fact to obtain better results, more homogeneous.


At this point, you are ready for the application of the tint . Always remember that the instructions on the packaging should be followed to the letter, respecting cautions and application times. Also follow instructions in the post-dye phase. In particular, remember to use a good conditioner to seal the follicles and prevent the dye from disappearing in a short time, and use the conditioner before diving into the pool, to be able to create a barrier between chlorine and hair. Finally, remember to apply treatments suitable for colored hair every week, which will allow you to keep the color more beautiful and more vibrant, also ensuring a longer duration, so as not to be forced to dye it too frequently .


Among the additional tips that we would like to share with you, there is certainly the suggestion not to interrupt the procedures to be able to lighten the hair in autumn and winter , seen and considered that not all remedies necessarily work with the sun. By taking advantage of these treatments well in advance, you will be able to have a beautiful colored hair in view of the summer! Finally, we remind you that in summer it is a good practice to frequently wet your hair, given that sea water can lighten your hair and make it brighter on contact with the sun .




Having recalled the foregoing, we will share today’s photo gallery with you. We have identified 25 photos of women with orange hair who could represent a good point of reference for your restyling purposes. Therefore, try to consult it, to understand if there is something that is right for you and try to understand how to obtain this shade through the use of natural or chemical systems. If you have any doubts, before proceeding with any attempt that could be counterproductive, try to talk about it with your hairdresser and take advantage of his advice so as not to make any mistakes!


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