How to lighten hair naturally: 4 effective ways

How to lighten hair naturally: 4 effective ways

Not only henna or dye, to have light and bright hair – as if they were kissed by the sun – we can use products that each of us commonly has at home.


Yes, there are some tricks to naturally lighten the hair and recreate the much loved ” sunkissed effect “.


During the summer our hair is more exposed to the sun’s rays, between a swim in the sea, a picnic or a trip out of town you could see the hair take on a lighter color than usual.


The sun is in fact the first ally to lighten hair in a direct and very simple way. But what if we told you that by using some products you could naturally speed up the lightening?


The four ways to lighten hair naturally


On the market, each of us can easily find hair lightening products, with guaranteed effectiveness but at the expense of hair health. These types of treatments, in fact, are made with chemical agents and can attack the hair.


But you can rely on four natural ways to recreate the typical lightening of the sun in summer thanks to lemon, honey, chamomile and beer .


The result will be the same but more delicate respecting the hair much more.


Lighten hair with lemon


Lemon acts on the hair favoring its lightening: just will squeeze one or two lemons , depending on the length of your hair.


How to lighten hair naturally: 4 effective ways


Lemon juice must be mixed with water and poured onto the hair. After a pose of about thirty minutes wash your hair abundantly with shampoo and conditioner. The game is done!


Lighten hair with chamomile


Chamomile is not only useful for promoting evening sleep but it is also a good lightening agent.


How to lighten hair naturally: 4 effective ways


Boil the water in a saucepan and infuse the chamomile sachets in hot water. Keep it until it has cooled down.


Unlike the mixture with lemon, chamomile must be applied after washing the hair. Pour it onto the hair and let the hair dry without using a hairdryer.


For a more decisive and clear effect, it is advisable to repeat the operation for two or three weeks in a row.


Lighten hair with honey


It will be more difficult to work the honey to apply it on the hair but the final effect will surprise you.


Proceed by mixing two or three spoons of honey with water , thus creating a cream. Sprinkle it over your hair and leave it on for at least 40 minutes .


How to lighten hair naturally: 4 effective ways


Alternatively, and for greater effectiveness, we recommend that you put the cream in place with honey all night. Then rinse everything thoroughly and leave the hair to dry in the open air.


Lighten hair with beer


For a assured and very strong lightening use beer instead. It will only take a few minutes.


How to lighten hair naturally: 4 effective ways


Just dip the hair in a container in which we poured the beer for 5 minutes and then wrap it in a towel. After an hour of laying , rinse them thoroughly.


Now is the time to try these bright and shiny hair tricks for yourself!

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