How To Open Hair Color At Home?

For those who are bored with hair color but are afraid of wearing out when making changes, we want to talk about the methods of lightening hair at home. Since the applications such as baling or röfle at the hairdresser are made by using chemicals to the hair, it also damages our hair. As you know, once you start dyeing hair, there is an obligation to renew the constantly flowing paint, which causes the hair to be constantly exposed to chemicals. Opening the hair color at home can be done inexpensive and naturally. Let us also remind you that natural hair opening methods are applied to unpainted hair.

Hair opening with lemon juice


Here are a few tons of lightness in your hair, the most natural method to provide pleasant glitters in between. This mixture, which you will prepare effortlessly and in a short time with lemon, which is always available in every home, will be very good for your hair. It is both harmless and free to open hair with lemon juice, which will provide only a little lighter tone than your natural hair color while brightening your hair with health. Add 1 cup of drinking water to 1 cup of lemon juice. Apply from your hair roots to the tips. It is enough to stay in the sun for half an hour to an hour with your wet hair. If you use a spray bottle while applying this mixture to your hair, you can make it work well. If you want natural shadows on your hair, you can use lemon juice again. Apply the same mixture to your hair in small tufts to make the hair natural shade.

This method, which is the most practical way to lighten the hair color, can be applied to your hair with peace of mind, as it will affect without any chemical, wear and effect.


Natural hair yellowing


If you want to shine your hair with only color without dye, you can shoot two birds with one stone by applying both natural hair care and natural hair opening methods at the same time. Brew 100 g of dried chamomile in 1 cup of boiling water for half an hour. Strain after warming. Add the juice of 1 lemon, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder, half a teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of coconut oil. Pour into a spray bottle and mix well. Apply thoroughly from the scalp to the tips. Let it dry in the sun for half an hour. Let the sun affect your hair strands by mixing it occasionally. Here you have your hair shining with health shimmering .

Making ombre with chamomile juice


The oldest known method of hair growth is probably structured with a daisy. Boil the dried daisies that you will get from Aktar for about 10 minutes. After straining, apply the chamomile broth only to the ends of the hair from the middle. In this way, you will have applied ombre baler, which is the popular application of recent times, to your hair. You can wear practical and natural hair during a walk where you leave your ends exposed by wearing a hat on your hair where you apply chamomile water. Or read some books in the sun 😉 If you repeat the application several times, you will catch the air you want.


Two in one with a honey mask


The miracle of honey can be used not only to nourish hair but also to open it. Mix the same amount of water with 1 tablespoon of honey, rub on the ends of the hair. Increase its effect by going out to the sun. When applied alternately with lemon juice application, you can catch exquisite shades and apply natural hair care mask natural hair care mask on the other hand.


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