How To Open Hair Color With Chamomile Juice?

Chamomile water that nourishes the scalp and does not cause dryness when applied, is the oldest known application among natural hair opening methods. In addition to hair growth, there are many benefits to hair. It strengthens fine hair that tends to break and prevents hair loss and dandruff formation with its nourishing feature. It is effective in maintaining the healthy structure of the hair and providing vitality and shine to the hair.

How Is Chamomile Juice Applied To Hair?

Before applying the chamomile water to your entire angle, testing on a pinch of your hair allows you to determine the rate you will apply after the resulting result. For the most effective result, you need to repeat the application inside or four times. This application gives better results in brown and brown tones.



Add 30 grams of chamomile and 4 glasses of water and boil for 10 minutes. Wait for the chamomile broth to drain and warm. For more practical application, you can pour the chamomile juice into an empty spray bottle.

You can apply chamomile juice to your entire hair or some tufts you set during the shower. Another method is to comb the comb in chamomile juice and comb the hair. This method allows you to achieve more natural shades. After the application, you can leave your hair to dry naturally, it will be enough to go outdoors to dry your hair. Waiting for it to dry under the hot sun can damage your hair. In the winter months, you can minimize the temperature of the dryer and dry it.


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