How to Use Hair Conditioner?


Hair conditioner provides wrinkle hair to be opened more easily with the protein and static effect in them. It prevents spills that may occur with wrinkles. Many brands say; The conditioners they produce are in the form of moisturizing the hair. However, in order for the conditioner you apply to your hair to moisturize the hair, it must remain in the hair for a long time, after which the conditioner is kept in the hair for a few minutes and then rinses. In other words, hair conditioners do not moisturize the hair, it is more effective in opening the hair that is mixed.

How Should The Hair Conditioner Be Used By Hair Type?


The answer to this question varies according to your hair type. If your hair is thin stranded; It is recommended to use a coin-sized conditioner. The reason for the low amount of cream usage in thin hair is; they are lubricated quickly. However, if your hair strands are thick; Using more conditioner will make your hair easier to open.

How to Apply Hair Conditioner?


First of all, it is a mistake that many people make; is to use conditioner before shampooing. It is not recommended to use the conditioner without performing the shampoo process. Hair creams that are difficult to remove from the hair due to their structure should not be contacted with the hair roots. Otherwise, hair loss may occur. Cream hair rinsing well; Ensuring hair removal is also very important. The right conditioner application is; Starting from the ends of the hair, it is in the form of massaging the hair in soft movements. When rinsing, by separating the hair into tufts, rinsing each one separately will allow the cream to be cleaned better from your hair.








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