How to wear your next purple hair!

How to wear your next purple hair!

If you think that violates it is bad luck, you are wrong. At least on the hair, in fact, purple is one of the most popular colors, declined both in the paler and lavender versions, and in the darker and more shady ones. In short, purple has not only won the favors of several stars, but also of numerous common mortals who have invested their hopes on purple, obtaining an immediately positive response.


How to wear purple


The violet is not an easy color to wear, but with some advice it will be possible to identify a good reference look. For example, always remember that purple – the product of the synthesis of red and blue – has as its complementary color yellow, which is ideal on accessories and jewelry in order to create a pleasant contrast. The most analogous color is pink, which can be opted for make up.


The right shade based on your skin


An effective way to be able to choose the shade of violet is more correct is to be able to rely on the color of your skin: the darker violet, for example, could adapt better on the olive skin or a little tanned, while for those with light skin it could opt for more delicate shades. Those with rosy skin can opt for a nice lavender.


And the trick?


As for the make-up, much will depend on the elements that we have already mentioned above. For example, violet can be combined with a particularly dynamic eye make-up, with black stroke of eyeliner and eyelid covered with colored cream powder. It is important, however, not to create a too washed out look, while respecting your complexion. Finally, take a look at our gallery. Inside you will certainly find many looks that will be right for you. Let us know what you think!


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