Ideas for blue short hair!

Ideas for blue short hair!

Have you ever thought about dyeing your hair blue ? Before relegating this evaluation to a simple, eccentric aesthetic whim, take a look at our photogallery: you will find inside it 20 fantastic ideas for all those who intend to dye their hair with shades of blue truly unforgettable, and able to make your style even more appreciable . But from which evaluation basis to start?


Let’s start by remembering that the decision to dye your hair blue is not yet on the agenda, given and considered that – despite the customs clearance by many celebrities – blue is still interpretable as an uncommon color and, therefore, full of erroneous interpretations by people who cannot “correctly interpret” such a choice of style and freedom.


Therefore, although blue is truly a color capable of bringing you into a truly enviable state of beauty and external attractiveness, it is also good to remember that the most suitable choice is not always found if the context in which the proposal proves to be scarcely receptive in this sense. In short, it is right to affirm your personality through a nice blue color , but it is also right to try not to break in too firmly in a context in which perhaps it would be more appropriate to opt for a color more sober.


Ideas for blue short hair!

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Fortunately, the middle ground is certainly not lacking. If in fact you are afraid of making such a drastic choice, perhaps it might be useful to start dyeing your hair blue starting from single locks or forelock , or maybe choose a blue recall color very close to your color (clear if you have light hair, darker and with night shades if you have black or very shady hair instead).





Also remember that if you choose colors that are not particularly aggressive, the color will gradually be lost, washing after washing, and that not even this choice is therefore to be understood as definitive (indeed!). Therefore, nothing prevents you from trying and testing an apparently unusual color on your garment, and then retracing your steps if the result is not particularly bright.

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