Intense red hair, charm and sensuality in a single shade!

Intense red hair, charm and sensuality in a single shade!

The red hair represent an enviable weapon of seduction, so much so that probably all women have thought at least once in their life to approach this group of shades, convinced they can find, in it, the maximum aspiration of beauty. And actually, nothing more true: red hair represents a significant possibility of becoming more fascinating… Provided that you do not miss a nuance!


Red: not always easy to carry


The above caution derives from the fact that the red – although, as we said, the top of the charm – is not always an easy tone to wear. There are many nuances, and not all of them will donate to your boss in the same way. A rule that also applies to the intense red color: beautiful, beautiful, but terribly able to expose the side in case of lack of synergy with the rest of the face.


Reds and complexion


In principle, if you have a fair complexion, the brown with red shades could give you the right extra gear. Alternatively, you can opt for a nice copper. If you have a fair complexion, go ahead with most tones. If, on the other hand, you have Mediterranean skin, an intense dark red will be recommended for you, like the ones we have the pleasure to show you today.


Intense red photogallery: the top of seduction


We conclude our study with a beautiful photogallery: what it takes to rediscover your eyes thanks to many shades of intense red, ready for you!


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