Is My Hair Healthy? Super Fast Test

Is My Hair Healthy? Super Fast Test


If you are wondering if my hair is healthy, you can find out in the shortest way. You need 1 glass of drinking water!

The answer to the question is my hair is really healthy is actually very close to you. You can immediately know if your hair needs care. Pour drinking water into a large glass. Soak a pinch of hair in water up to 10 cm. If your hair is sinking in the water, good news, your hair is very healthy. But if it floats to the surface, it is time to show them some more love.

Is My Hair Healthy? Super Fast Test

How to repair damaged hair


By applying a hair care mask right away, you can restore your old health. You can get help from mask applications for excessively damaged hair. With hair care masks that can be prepared at home, we are sure that you can overcome this problem free and in a short time 🙂

If you are wondering how to repair damaged hair you can check this article.








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