Is Your Hair Dry?

Your hair that starts to dull, breaks, looks lifeless and cannot give the shape you want is giving danger signals. Follow these tips to answer the help call for your hair damaged by chemical processes, weather conditions such as sun and wind.



Be gentle when washing your hair, prefer to take a shower with warm water instead of very hot water. Use organic shampoo that is absolutely chemical-free and suitable for your hair type. While herbal shampoos are cleaning your hair, they also care with the natural herbs and oils they contain. Washing too often also causes more drying, as it will purify the oils that your hair naturally produces and nourishes. Now experts recommend 2-3 washes a week, but if you are used to washing every day, you may have difficulty in this, at least try to wash it every other day. If you have trouble shaping with light lubrication on the days you do not wash, use dry shampoo. Dry shampoos make your job easier as it adds volume to the hair.



Rinse-free hair creams that you apply while cleaning your hair after moistening provide effective moisturizing. Use those that are made up of plant extracts and oils to prevent fraying in your hair. You get soft, gleaming and healthy hair at the same time.


Think again before taking a nap


Worn parts in your hair may be very uncomfortable for you. But in the moistening section, which is the second step in hair care , you can lighten this forked, unwanted look with vegetable oils containing high levels of moisturizer. Masks applied for treatment, such as hair care serums, repair your hair in an emergency. You can apply this type of restorative hair care products at your hairdresser, and you can continue to buy and maintain at home. With the intensive care masks to be applied once a week, your hair gets its old healthy look.

Do not wear out while shaping


Do not wear your hair that you regularly care and look like with your eyes any more with high-heating styling tools. If you are using hair straightening products regularly, there are some things to consider. Do not expose your hair to high heat while it is moist. Make sure your hair is completely dry before using a straightener or curling iron. The solution to protection from the damage of the hair straightener is to use a product that protects against heat. Benefit from various products such as hair products, sprays and creams that protect against heat affecting the hair surface. The products of many brands sold with names such as heat protectant, pre-flattening cream, heat protectant spray, applied cream before hair straightening will help you in this regard.


Hair care at home


You can’t spend time at the hairdresser every day, can you? You can take time to care for your hair while relaxing at home on the weekend, relaxing with a book or movie you love. And before we say I’m going to deal with this, let’s take a look at the easy hair care masks done at home. Dry hair care at home can be prepared both effortlessly and with the ingredients in the kitchen in a short time. Perhaps your opinion changes if you say it is enough to use the items at home, such as olive oil, for practical hair masks at home 😉 Remember, homemade hair masks can be both cheap and effortless.


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