Iva Zanicchi fires his hairdresser. Here is the video

Iva Zanicchi fires his hairdresser. Here is the video

Iva Zanicchi as well as a singer is above all an eccentric character of our showbiz. The woman has often made over the top statements that have had a strong impact, especially on the web. She, like all her colleagues, is very active on social networks and from Instagram comes the lightning dismissal of her hairdresser.


Iva Zanicchi fires his hairdresser


Iva Zanicchi is getting ready to return to television – probably – as a commentator on Big Brother Vip and in the meantime he thinks about his hair; for some days he has in fact designed a nice curtain together with his hairstylist, Silvia Pizzi. The layoff, of course, is a readily prepared sketch and the two women joke about a perhaps too whimsical look.


Zanicchi however, fake dismissal aside, as seen from the video, made irony on a hairstyle that she thought was too risky for her face type. And in the background you hear Silvia Pizzi say “With this hairstyle it looks like Mina!”


Fan reaction


Even though the hair was not really cut, but only gathered, the fans appreciated the change of image of the singer and some encouraged her to think of really adopting it. In addition to the change of denomination, Iva , also on Instagram has also advertised his book – out in all bookstores on 22 October; of this literary work the same Zanicchi admits “I care so much, I wrote it with love”.

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