Karina Cascella changes her look: lightening and short bob

Karina Cascella changes her look: lightening and short bob

Karina Cascella , the irreverent TV commentator who rose to success thanks to her participation in Men and Women , loves to change her look.


Deciding to cut hair is not a choice that women take lightly, not for Cascella who loves to amaze the public with ever-changing hair and extravagant looks.


In recent years it has transformed its appearance sharply, going from a blonde hair , long and flowing to a medium cut and a brown tint .


The new look of Karina Cascella


With the summer just around the corner and returning from the summer holidays, the TV commentator stopped by Arvi’s Milano , one of his favorite beauty salons.


The photos leave no doubt: Karina has retouched her hair with a short bob.


“This time we have shortened a little more “: here are the words of Cascella below the photos of her new haircut.


But not only that, the columnist also admitted to having slightly lightened his hair for a brighter and more glamorous effect.


On the Arvi’s Milano Instagram profile we can instead appreciate the photos of Cascella in the previous hair version: a more elongated, clean and precise bob.


The difference from the current look is almost imperceptible, but there is!


Looking closely, the hair doesn’t seem the only thing Karina has refreshed, her lips seem well-fleshed compared to the past.


And do you like Cascella’s new hairlook? Her haircut is in perfect line with current trends.

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