Kiko semi-permanent nail polish, variety and characteristics

Kiko semi-permanent nail polish, variety and characteristics

Having a perfect and tidy manicure, nails cured and defined , is surely the dream of many women who are now in our reading. Fortunately, there are many products on the market that will allow you to have all the useful tools to be able to obtain wonderful results in no time. Certainly, among the most effective and quality products for our purposes, Kiko semi-permanent nail polish is one of the main ones. But how many varieties are there? And with what characteristics?


Power Pro Kiko Nail Lacquer


Let’s start with the Power Pro Nail Lacquer , a welcome addition to the last few months: it is a Kiko semi-permanent nail polish from finish professional [ 19459003], available in 45 colors, with a guaranteed life of up to 7 days. Made in such a way that among its ingredients all the more aggressive ones can be excluded, it is well appreciated thanks to a fluid textuer for perfect control during the drafting phase. As if that were not enough, it should also be added that spreading this product will be very easy thanks to the presence of an ergonomic handle, and a rod that releases only the right amount of product. In short, a quality product that can be enjoyed by everyone, even by women who do not have much experience in the manicure .


Perfect Gel Duo


Another product particularly appreciated by all women who love the series Kiko is the Perfect Gel Duo [19459003 ], a set of two gel nail polishes available in 18 colors. It is a product that can guarantee maximum brilliance and hold for up to 7 days. Also in this case, we have an easy to apply varnish, with a soft and creamy texture, and a top coat that creates a shiny glossy film on the nail. Following the characteristics of the semi-permanent nail polish that we have already observed, we point out that the Perfect Gel Duo has a flat brush for easy application of the compound, and is totally free of any aggressive ingredient.


Poker Nail Lacquer


Poker Nail Lacquer is a nail polish with effect gel that allows you to give your nails a effect ] glossy guaranteed by a special enriched formula that make the texture full-bodied and homogeneous. This semi-permanent nail polish is available in 6 different shades and, as in the previous cases, it can be easily applied thanks to a brush that makes it easier to pick up the nail polish, and a gradual release on the nail. In order to maximize the effect and durability, Kiko recommends applying the 3 in 1 Shine base polish first, and then two coats of the product now being studied. Let the paint dry well between the first and second coats, and complete the manufacture with a new application of the 3 in 1 Shine base polish.


At this point, we are more than convinced that the roundup of products that we have been able to introduce above are more than enough to give you a new idea to reshape your nails . If you want to have some further ideas, try going to a Kiko store: you will certainly find consultants ready to answer any of your questions, and provide some useful suggestions!

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