Late summer look? 25 short cuts to avoid mistakes

Late summer look? 25 short cuts to avoid mistakes

The end of summer is approaching but, fortunately, you still have many days available to spend a few hours outdoors, struggling with holidays and having fun. But how can you maximize your look and make it extraordinarily attractive ? How to feel comfortable in the coming weeks without running the risk of appearing out of date? Let’s try to know a little more, revealing some of the main beauty secrets that will allow you to improve your appearance, and customize it based on the coolest trends [19459005 ] of the moment!


Morning look


Let’s start from the morning. For this moment of the day, the ideal is to focus on a simple look, especially if you are on vacation and most of the hours will be spent, perhaps, on the beach. Therefore, try to approach a very hairstyle easy and, above all, remember that it is essential to try to protect your hair by spraying a special anti-UV oil. As for the hairstyle, try to find a quick one, for example by dividing the hair into some torchons to be collected on the nape of the neck, or focus on a good wet chignon. Treccia and other crops will be at your disposal for a practical and refined look.


Evening look


As for the evening, much will depend on where you decide to spend your free time. If in fact you are still on the beach or in a holiday resort, you can focus on an exotic look tribal, with pigtails & co. If, on the other hand, you are in the city, we advise you to opt for a more chic look , without however exaggerating the rigidity of the geometries. In any case, remember that hundreds of products are available on the market that, in addition to modeling, will nourish the hair that will probably appear a little dull and tired after a day at the beach: from waxes to modeling pastes, ask your hairdresser for some advice on how to act, and what to put on your hair.


Having established the foregoing, there are many opportunities to distinguish your end of summer look. Several times, for example, we boasted the good possibilities conferred by the fake undercut, or the top knot, by the chignon knot, by the braids ( even as a boxer!) and so on. Therefore try to find your way and, lastly, do not underestimate a splendid wet effect, to be obtained without exaggerating with the polish.


So many photos for you!


Finally, we close with a beautiful photographic study. In the following lines, in fact, you will find many photos that are right for you, and that will allow you to be able to identify a good style alternative for this fundamental part of the year. As always we have had the opportunity to advise you, try to look carefully at the photos, lingering on them for a few moments. So try to imagine whether or not those hairstyles are right for you, and ask yourself how you can customize them in order to enhance your added beauty values ​​as much as possible.


Once this is done, if you have doubts or want a good second opinion, talk to your hairdresser and study with him what to do: we are sure that you will soon know how to get the best solution!

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