Light brown hair: will it look good on me? Three ways to enhance it!

Light brown hair: will it look good on me? Three ways to enhance it!

The choice of light brown as the color of one’s hair is gaining popularity day by day. If your desire is to give your hair more life but without distorting its natural appearance, we recommend three perfect ways to add value to your hair color light brown . And, remember, light brown is true that it is not good for everyone, but where it finds its ideal face with its brightness and warmth it has conquered the whole world!


Three methods to brighten the face with light brown


Let’s discover together these three fantastic methods to give new life, to add liveliness and brightness to this hair color, light brown, which in itself is fascinating and seductive.


The lightening shampoo


We know and appreciate chamomile because it works as an excellent soothing and emollient, perhaps one of its least known properties is, however, precisely the ability it has to lighten the hair naturally and extremely compatible with its color of light brown hair. It is therefore added to lightening shampoos, providing them with this property in an absolutely natural way.


The lightening shampoos with chamomile, over time, with the washes, will give your light brown hair of light reflections and this without affecting even the structure of your hair. It remains clear that the natural action is also a very slow action, so these chamomile shampoos are not suitable for those looking for a quick lightening of their hair. The graduality of the lightening process, in addition to being a cure-all for the hair health, accustoms those who are usually faced with the new color and makes them appreciate it almost as if it were the natural color of our hair.


Shatush for light brown hair


Light brown hair: will it look good on me? Three ways to enhance it!

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As you will certainly all know shatush is a very, very fashionable technique, absolutely trendy and that gives your hair an effect with a thousand facets but as if it were natural for your hair and not altering the color that nature has given it.


This technique in fact translates materially into the lightening of only a few very thin strands and has its own apotheosis in the creation of plays of light that give brightness and, at the same time, brilliance to your light brown hair. If your desire is, therefore, to give your own life, movement, desire to “emerge” and be noticed by your light brown hair, shatush represents an ideal solution .


Light brown with a few colored locks



You have light brown hair, you like it and also a lot, but you find that, at least with respect to your character, your lifestyle and your way of behaving, for example, among people, you are missing something. I don’t know, a little originality, movement, life. Ok, listen (indeed, read!): We have what you need. Color only a few strands of your light brown hair ! Changing color only to a few strands of hair will give your hair fuller volumes, or, at least, this feeling. It will add a lot of three-dimensionality and movement to a color that, although warm and fascinating, sometimes needs a little “grit”. So, starting from a light brown hair , the advice is to add some very thin, but very much, obviously lighter streaks than your light brown. You will see that your hair will be embellished and like a ray of new light will hit your face. This method is widely used in salons because it allows you to change, and deeply, the impact of the colors of your hair but avoiding a radical transformation that can frighten the less daring. If, on the other hand, you feel like daring a little more, instead of applying streaks, try coloring some strands of hair a little more lively. A touch of originality everything to try to give new life to your light brown!


The shades of light brown hair


We have already said it and we repeat it, the light brown as it is, is not good at all. However, a few small tricks are enough to be able to maintain a brown that is not too dark with any complexion. First of all, know that natural light brown is very good for girls with complexion and light eyes. However you can choose to make some changes to your natural brown to make it more beautiful, or if you have the hair of another color, you can make it from scratch! Let’s see according to the complexion, what is the most suitable shade of brown!



  • Golden complexion : If your skin has a warm shade, avoid the colors with cold shades. No browns too dark, they turn us off. Instead, look for a medium-light brown and above all make it even warmer with the golden reflections with bronze and caramel.

  • Amber complexion : it is a tone below the golden one. The speech is always the same, prefer copper colors and avoid blacks or even ash blonde (but what is the difference between these two complexions? We find out in the paragraph just below!).

  • Porcelain complexion: if you have very light skin, you have to opt for darker hair. It is the safe effect in 99% of cases. Dark colors enhance cold complexions. Avoid the copper shades. Dark brown with red highlights is perfect for you.


Differences between light brown and ash blonde


Light brown hair: will it look good on me? Three ways to enhance it!

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Now we want to face a very common doubt, the one concerning the differences between light brown and the ash blonde . After all, two colors that resemble each other are close. They have cold shades and are not golden blondes. Those who have these natural colors are unlikely to be satisfied because they are dull colors and need a revitalization with some play of light. This is certainly the first point in common. There is also the advantage, however, both for the ash blonde and the light brown, of not requiring particular attention. Those who choose to color these hair colors choose non-aggressive shades. However the title of this paragraph is clear, we are here to describe the differences. Let’s start with the ash blonde .


The ash blonde is a darker variant of the blonde, most of the women who were very blonde as little girls, have become ash blonde over the years. They are easy to distinguish because they have reflections that go towards gray. They hide the first white hair well and manage to enhance the complexions and light eyes very much.


The light brown instead, the protagonist of this article, is a lighter version of the classic brown . It is neutral and is good for almost all complexions as we have seen before, only if it is revived or darkened with particular colors.


Which of the two colors to choose?


Do you want a dark blond or light brown base? Let’s see how to choose between the two options! In fact, it takes a moment to make mistakes, especially when the shades are so similar! If you are undecided about which of the two shades to adopt, here are some tips that we hope will help you choose!



  • You must choose ash blonde if your skin tends to be pink. Usually girls with this complexion already have light hair and, if it is also your case, then you probably only need to lighten a bit, going from light brown to dark blond .

  • If you have dark skin, opt for the right middle way, it’s okay with light and hazel hair (but not black!). You can use it even if you intend to return a little at a time to the natural color.

  • If you have a neutral complexion and light eyes, choose the light brown , perhaps a little reflected to make it more lively and interesting!


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