Long bob: what it is, and many ideas for style in our gallery!

Long bob: what it is, and many ideas for style in our gallery!

First of all, remember that the long bob is an elongated modality of the classic bob (the yoke), which women from all over the world have embraced with conviction by virtue of the many advantages that this style may be able to boast. The cut is produced strictly even, while the line can be lateral or, even more seductive, in the center. The fringe may be more or less present depending on the characteristics of your face and the specificities you wish to communicate externally.


As regards the length, there is no rigid and ideal threshold to be respected. However, the major hairstylists around the world agree to make it from the earlobe to the shoulder. As far as the type of hair is concerned, it is possible to obtain a nice long bob with an ultra smooth cut or with a slight blur. The important thing is that the cut is clean and well defined.


It is precisely on this latter aspect that we wish to dwell for a few moments. In our opinion, in fact, the long bob provides its best added values ​​with a smooth, rather than choppy or curly cut. However, if you have wavy hair, you can still get a pleasant visual effect if you can tame your hair sufficiently (and therefore the blur must be light, and not accentuated). A finish and syling product will help you to better arrange your hair.


At this point, we just have to introduce you to many long bob for every occasion. As you will realize by leafing through our photogallery today, the long bob is really a very romantic cut, able to elevate your seductive strength, and also able to earn you a few years.


Look at the shots we have selected for you. You will certainly find what can adapt to your physical characteristics and the emotions you wish to communicate. Talk to your hairdresser and get ready for a small revolution on your hair: the long bob will certainly be able to enhance your beauty, and to respect all the specificities of your face, after appropriate customization and declination of style!

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