Long hair, some "new" hair styles so as not to suffer from the heat!

Long hair, some "new" hair styles so as not to suffer from the heat!

Do you have long hair? Well, indeed, very well! Too bad that with the heat the abundant hairs run the risk of generating an oppressive effect on the face, neck and shoulders. Hence, the need to make long hair less annoying, when it’s hot outside and our priority will become to lighten our appearance. But how do you envision some nice hairstyles for long hair that, at the same time, allow us to live a little cool and always look neat?


First of all, don’t forget that a lot of things are solved with a high tail. It is a very easy look to recreate, elegant and valid for any occasion, which you could certainly decide to show off in the workplace (ensuring the right freshness and cleanliness of the image) and in your free time or on the beach.




Again, you can evaluate a beautiful pony tail, perhaps embellished with some accessories or some variation on the theme, thus giving greater movement and complexity to the look . Finally, do not forget a beautiful and elegant braid: a crop that will surely make you prefer compared to other more messy hairstyles and which, as we have had the opportunity to experiment on these pages several times, will allow you to create and recreate many looks, moving a few tufts here and there.




Having said the above, you just have to get to work. It will be enough to have a look at this and other photogallery that in recent months we have been able to extract for you, and challenge the heat with your new summer look. And remember to let us know how it turned out, maybe sending us some photos of your creations!

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