Long pixie cuts that we loved!

Long pixie cuts that we loved!

When we talk about pixie cut we generally refer to the possibility of being able to “wear” haircuts particularly limited in length. And therefore, ultra short and cheeky hair styles are immediately brought to mind, to be modeled in a disordered and graceful way according to your preferences. Well, nothing more wrong! In the term “ pixie cut “, in fact, hair styles that are not as short as you can imagine can also be well understood. If you don’t believe it, try to read further and take a look at the many photos that we have chosen to share with you and some advice that is good to fix in mind.


Long pixie cuts, a comfortable landing place (even for the undecided!)


Pixie cuts certainly represent a hair style with a great personality, capable of affirming your mood better than others hair styles . The hair short also represent a good landing place for all women who wish to shorten their hair hair but do not want to exaggerate. Therefore, it is not only a good chance to follow the main trends in short hair , but it is also a good opportunity to be able to “test” a haircut. short on one’s head, before possibly moving to a hair style… very short !


Long pixie cuts that we loved!


Long pixie cuts, a magnifying glass on your face


However, even the most cautious women, who want to get a short haircut without going overboard, should not underestimate the reach of a long pixie cut. In fact, one must always keep in mind that this hair style is able to “free” your head from volumes and surpluses, acting as a sort of magnifying glass on your face. Therefore, always try to weigh the beauty of this hairstyle based on your specific style characteristics, and ask your hairdresser for an opinion to avoid gross errors in the look .


Pixie cuts long many color choices to draw from


Finally, we conclude by recalling how the autumn and winter trends being spread in recent days have shown with particular emphasis the possibility of giving your pixie cut long [ 19459003] a tone that is also radically different from the current one. The blonde platinum , the dark brown , the coppery red and other in fact, they could well serve to enrich your look with particular satisfaction. Again, try to study your look in the company of the hairdresser, and understand what is best for your complexion and the color of your eyes.

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