Look with purple hair, a style to marry in view of the summer!

Look with purple hair, a style to marry in view of the summer!

Several times in the last few days we have had the opportunity to talk about purple hair, showing you some of the main characteristics of this super chic color, and discovering how easy and effective it is to try to combine purple with your own color. basic (black, brown or blond), in order to obtain extraordinarily attractive results, which will make you stand out from your friends and colleagues.


Purple as a total look


Only the most daring will have the opportunity to apply a homogeneous color on their own hair! Again, as our photo gallery shows today, there is no shortage of tricks to make your style even more pleasant: always remember that shades are a must!


Violet, color for many (or for all?)


What may seem strange to those who, perhaps, are not very fond of following the trends of the last few months, is linked to the fact that violet can adapt well to any type of crown. It is naturally important to always respect one’s personality and, consequently, to insert this coloring in the way deemed most useful: a tuft, a lightening, and so on.


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