Loreal Elseve Arginine Resistance x3: Anti-Spill Intensive Care

The first thing to do at home in hair loss is to understand whether hair loss is objective. There is a method you can simply do for this. Wait for two or three days without washing, combing and gathering your hair, then comb the hair with a suitable brush and count your shed hair. If your hair fall after combing is more than 80 or 100, this is a serious shedding problem.

When evaluating hair loss at home, it is necessary to observe the recent changes in the quality of your hair as well as counting the hair loss. These evaluation criteria include drying an oily hair, lubricating dry hair, or changing the shape of the hair. Other than that, you should examine the scalp with yourself or someone else’s help. Rare, dandruff and crust formation should be followed.

In spillage problems, determining the factors that cause spillage is the most important point for proper care and treatment. The second step is to give the body the nutrients it needs with proper nutrition and to support hair root care with natural methods, anti-shedding products.


Loreal Elseve Arginine Resistance x3 – Anti-Shedding Intensive Care

The product targeting hair follicles has 3 important promises:
Reconstructing hair,
Energizing and nourishing the hair root. ,
Supporting Say extension.


You apply the product developed for weak and shedding hair to your dry or moist scalp and massage it with your fingers to accelerate the blood flow in your scalp. You can repeat the same process 2 times during the day.


On the product; Arginine Resistance writes the most intense arginine concentration among its products.


So what is this arginine?

Arginine is a powerful amino acid that allows hair to be repaired and restructured. This amino acid is made from nutrients. When applied to the scalp, it helps to nourish the hair by speeding the microcirculation, that is, the blood circulation in the vessels.


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