Lorella Cuccarini, says goodbye to her long hair. Welcome bob!

Lorella Cuccarini, says goodbye to her long hair. Welcome bob!

Lorella Cuccarini is in better shape than ever! And we’re not just talking about his physical appearance and his bright smile. What makes the difference is his new medium haircut enriched with platinum blonde streaks , super bright.


If you are looking for a hairlook to copy or to take a cue for winter 2020, Cuccarini’s one is right for you. Simple, versatile and suitable for more mature women who want to attract attention but in moderation.


Radiant and bright, from head to toe


If on TV the presenter is unable to take off, her program – La ​​Vita in live – is recording very low ratings, so as to risk early closure, the same cannot be said of her life private. Cuccarini recently published from her profile Instagram a photo in which she appears radiant and luminous, from head to toe .


Lorella shows an enviable physique, a dazzling smile but above all a medium haircut that all hairstylists would recommend for the ease with which it adapts to (almost) all faces and for its refinement. The cut is a candidate among the new trends for Winter 2020.


For Cuccarini shorter hair than usual


Lorella Cuccarini has long since given a cut to her long blonde hair. At a more mature age – Lorella is 54 years old – the presenter decided, in fact, to shorten the lengths in favor of a shorter and more modern hair . Enriching the platinum blonde streaks hair that perfectly match its complexion.


Cuccarini’s medium haircut is very classic, but unlike his previous appearances on TV he opted for a new coloring technique: no more reflections obtained through the balayage technique but more traditional meches . In addition, it has changed the appearance of its waves, its distinctive feature. These are bigger and softer waves than the ones he usually wore.


Lorella Cuccarini, says goodbye to her long hair. Welcome bob!

Photo @lcuccarini [IG]

Do you like it? Her new hairlook looks perfect for both younger and more mature women!

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