Lots of hairstyles and cuts for your short hair!

Lots of hairstyles and cuts for your short hair!

Who said that with short hair you can’t indulge yourself with so many hairstyles? A little creativity, and perhaps the support of accessories and clips, is enough to make dozens of different hair styles. And so, from short wavy hair to more straight hair, from unkempt hair to more rigid and sober hair, there is practically no limit to your imagination and your opportunity for personalization.


Vintage short hair


A first point of reasoning could be a clear reference to the vintage . For example, you can use beautiful 1920s waves, which were so fashionable in vintage cinema, and which will make your daily hairstyle glamorous. Or, you can opt with a fake chignon , which will not fail to amaze, giving the impression to the viewer that you have long hair …


Romantic short hairstyles


The list of the best hairstyles for hair short could go on for a long time. Think, for example, of the possibility of creating very romantic hairstyles, to be achieved with the full use of clips, underwire, ribbons and combs in order to obtain the creation of a very imaginative cut. Of sure visual impact will also be the possibility of creating a mini side braid: with short hair combed backwards and cotonate upwards, it will be sufficient to use this habit to give the romantic hairstyle a real rock personality! Finally, we also remind you of the possibility of embellishing a characteristic bob cut, characterized by beautiful waves and some chic hair accessories , to make your appearance even more elegant.


Photos, videos and ideas for a new look!


Finally, we conclude our study today with a video, many photos and various tips to be able to give your look a uniquely seductive and uniquely beautiful feature. The trick to finding the best short hair style for your needs is certainly to start with the characteristics of your face: therefore, pay great attention in analyzing what are your strengths and your weaknesses, knowing full well that the short haircut will enhance both.


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