Mahogany hair, all you need to know!

Mahogany hair, all you need to know!

If you are attracted to the red , but you have not yet decided whether to marry this color with particular emphasis, the mahogany could be the tone that suits you best. But what exactly is mahogany? And how can you find the most suitable shade for you?


Mahogany red, a choice that suits everyone


Let’s start by remembering that contrary to what happens for other shades of red, the mahogany is truly a color that can be suitable for all. The other types of red (think of the brighter one) are not particularly universal tones, and will “steal” you a little time in an attempt to properly weight them on your head , and in understanding if they really are what is right for you. Well, with the mahogany these dilemmas will soon be a memory: the mahogany is in fact characterized by a mix of red and brown component, and can in turn be declined in many shades that range (precisely) from brown to copper, with identical satisfaction. All you have to do is choose peacefully what you think does most for you, perhaps with the support of a good hairdresser.


Let’s try the coppery?


A particularly fascinating and in vogue mahogany tone is coppery . Able to give a touch of brightness that certainly does not hurt (especially with the summer is approaching!) It is made by applying copper reflections on the base dark brown. It is an ideal tone for both women who have a light complexion and for women who have a slightly darker complexion.


Light brown for those with a base … clear!


Another good alternative is represented by light mahogany brown, which is naturally suitable for women who have a clear base and want to obtain very delicate reflections. If your natural color allows it, you can avoid stressing the hair excessively by going for sun highlights. Alternatively, you should make a tint: a lot depends both on your needs, on the basic characteristics of your hair and, again, on the result you intend to obtain.


A dark mahogany to be on top!


Finally we conclude by reminding you that another choice of particular style and refinement is the one that could lead you to dark mahogany. It is a shade which – as can be easily understood – is very intense, and is ideal for those women who do not like light shades, but do not want to give up brightness. It is also a tone that can adapt very well to all hair, from short to long, from straight to curly.


Many photos for your needs of choice!


We conclude with a beautiful photogallery with 25 photos of mahogany hair , in various shades, within which you can choose your stylistic reference point. Given the beauty of our alternatives, we are sure that you will soon be spoiled for choice!


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