Make a Warm Entrance to the Summer with Golden Shades

A warm introduction to summer with gold tones

Since the lights of spring begin to shine on us, in winter
we can start getting rid of the gloom right away. The best times for change
There may be days when a new season is coming. From the appearance to change
For those who want to start, they can start with their hair. Brighten your face
It is a good idea to warm your hair a little and create gold tones and glitters.
may be an idea.

More free and change in winter than in winter in spring and summer
there are times when we are more open. Because with the warming of the air both
our clothes as well as our hair can be more fluent. Our hair with hat and
freely because we do not cover with a beret, we do not have to protect it from the wind
There are times when we release and adapt to nature.


Now to shine brightly with the glitters of the sun
Let’s see how we make little touches on our hair.

There are 2 ways to change your hair color. Applicable at home
You can use hair dyes or apply to a hairdresser you trust.


Someone you trust for those who will practice at the hairdresser
surrendering yourself, listening to suggestions, together with seasonal trends
from your hairdresser’s experience in choosing the most suitable color for your skin.
it will be sufficient for you to benefit.


If you are going to practice at home, you need to choose the right hair dye from a good brand.


Prepare paper pen for summer and popular hair dye colors, start taking notes. Here is the guide to dyeing your hair in gold tones with color codes;


Loreal Exellence İntense series 6.13 Mocha Brown


Loreal Exellence İntense series 6.03 Natural Luminous Light Brown


Loreal Exellence İntense series 6.32 Gold Light Brown


Loreal Exellence İntense series 7.3 Golden Auburn


Loreal Exellence İntense series 7.31 Honey Bubble


And for those who think a little more assertive yellow tones, Loreal Exellence İntense series 8.34 Rich Warm Yellow


Make a Warm Entrance to the Summer with Golden Shades


Are those who are looking for different shades here!


If you have tried the same shades of the same brand and are looking for a difference, we recommend that you also research Milk Shake hair dyes. There is a vibrant color catalog with its formula enriched with milk proteins and sunflower oil. We would appreciate if we have readers who share their experiences 😉


Milk Shake 8 number Light Brown color can also be an option for those who want to apply golden tones hair colors.



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