Many new pastel colors for your autumn hair!

Many new pastel colors for your autumn hair!

What if this autumn and winter we “wore” beautiful pastel colors ? The question has certainly been in the minds of many of our readers who – perhaps also enticed by the fact that we have dealt profitably with the topic several times – are seriously considering whether to approach the bad season with a truly enviable fashion touch.


Whether it’s coloring the whole hair in pastel mode, or limiting yourself to a few locks or just the tips, little changes: the pastel color can really be an opportunity to renew the look for all women who want to give themselves a younger and more captivating image.


Let’s start with order, answering the first question. As far as the color is concerned, the embarrassment of choice is also present in this situation: we can in fact cast our gaze on the colors violet, pink , peach, orange. And again on the blue, on the turquoise. In short, colors of any shade for all the strands, for single strands with different intensities, for total or partial lengths, and so on. The matches can be made on the basis of one’s natural color or on the basis of other light colors. The important thing is to play jokingly on the new look, and on the pleasure for themselves and others.


As far as the second question is concerned, a small introductory phrase must be spent remembering that it is not said that the change of color, with migration to pastel, must also coincide with a change of style. Often maintaining the same cut can still be effective, given and considered that the “new” color will be able to guarantee a real revolution in its appearance, without the need to put your hand and scissors to your ordinary cut. If, however, you still want to renew your cut, you can launch yourself on a nice geometric bob, on cuts with fringe or with tuft, and so on.


If finally you don’t feel like coloring with pastel colors all the hair, you can still start to approach a similar change of look by coloring only the locks or only a portion of them (the tips or fringe, for example). Also remember that after two or three washes the hair will fade: for this reason, even in the event that they do not like it, there is nothing to worry about. Just wait for some time, or give a new color, to be able to guarantee a new, yet another look!

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