Many new short and colorful haircuts!

Many new short and colorful haircuts!

Short hair and color therefore: waiting over you could end up doing nothing about your look. It is sad to rethink in the mirror and feel that nothing has changed and that a change is necessary … and we are at the starting point. This is why you should take a look at these short hair cuts variously combined with color notes and understand which of these ideas is closest to our idea of ​​change . But attention, while recognizing yourself in one of the proposals, does not mean that you need at all costs to make this change immediately. Every important choice needs to be able to settle within us. Look at all the pictures, and review them again, until you are sure of the choice.


In this magical moment of transition, we begin to imagine what might appear to our eyes in the mirror , and to others, if we adopted this or that short cut. And if we add some color strokes or real colors to this combination of cut… our look is radically renewed even if the satisfaction for the new aspect will be consolidated as soon as we get used to it now.


At the beginning you will probably feel somewhat overwhelmed, especially if you are used to having long natural hair and even if you are used to the change of tone or colors, I assure you that with the new look, the first impact in the mirror is definitely shock.


Naturalness always wins


The starting point on which we advise you to spend some more attention is naturally linked to the aspect of naturalness : all the colors of the moment point in fact on this element, with the lengths that can be lightened slightly in order to emphasize the basic shade more, thus giving the look a greater image brightness .


What about color games?


Of course, the above should not be read too rigidly or strictly. Therefore, those who want a hairlook with greater impact, can take a cue from the play of colors with the tones of copper , of red , of [19459004 ] rose gold and other cool tones of the moment, to be made on the tuft only or on some locks, depending on your preferences.


The approach to change is therefore completely individual and much depends on the perception we have of ourselves in the mirror. So a sweet change of look … maybe approaching simple changes of tone rather than color, it’s definitely a way, however, you should know that a decisive change can make you feel different, better, bolder and ready for a new chapter of the your life.


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