Many shades of red for top hair!

Many shades of red for top hair!

There are very few women who are lucky enough to be born with a natural red hair . Fortunately, however, there are many possibilities that could give women the chance to wear a beautiful red hair, playing on reflections and on contrasts of tones in an ultra personalized way . In fact, there are almost infinite color variations that you can rely on to be able to customize your garment, marrying some of the most glamorous trends of recent times. By the way: what are they?


Mahogany red


Let’s start with the mahogany red, which represents one of the warmest and most intense shades with which you may be dealing. Easy to carry, it is possible to combine it with brown bases or dark as well as lighter ones. It also adapts to both lighter and slightly darker skin … but not too much: on people with olive complexions the risk is that too artificial an effect is generated.




The coppery is certainly a shade particularly suitable for lighter and perfect skin: obtainable by mixing the copper red reflections with a blonde base, you can easily obtain a very elegant and refined effect, so as to have convinced many famous people to embrace it with particular conviction, in recent time and in the past. Be careful only to entrust yourself to a good hairdresser: making a coppery blond that looks really natural is in fact very difficult, and the established risk is that of making a mistake …


Copper red


If you want to impress with a beautiful intense color and lively , nothing better than to focus on a beautiful dark copper red, which will certainly not go unnoticed, especially on long and wavy hair , with the waves that will accentuate its reflections. The end result is certainly very sensual: a comfortable landing place for all women who are blondes natural or brown, because they are able to marry very well with any shade of complexion or eye color. It also remains a choice often preferred by those women who want to get to the red for the first time.


Copper brown


The auburn brown is a look of sure charm, able to recall the lightening effect of the sun on the light brown hair. However, it does not adapt to olive complexions, which with this kind of effect will tend to look even more ‘ green ‘. Also remember always that brown hair can be well appreciated with auburn highlights. On dark brown and long hair, it can be a good idea to make only the lengths of the coppery highlights: it will be useful to be able to soften the tone and lighten the volumes.


Orange red


The red more tending to orange is a shade that is particularly fashionable on the more young and cheeky. It is a very captivating nuance and certainly suitable for those people (tendentially young, remember), who love to play with the “new” trendy tones. Even in this case, it is essential to resort to the expert hands of a hairdresser, since the risk of “crushing” too much shade on orange could ruin the success of your new style!


And what do you think? We red hair really like them, and we recommend them not only to women – lucky! – who were born with this hair, especially as to all the others who are looking for some more trendy reflections. From blonde to darker women, there are numerous customization opportunities that you will be able to obtain easily and practically. Take a look at our photogallery today to be able to know a little more: many red hair styles at your fingertips or … clicks!


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