Medium short hair with bangs, how to choose them according to the type of face

Medium short hair with bangs, how to choose them according to the type of face

The fringe : an enviable and ultra-customizable style element. A real accessory of great charm and evident versatility, which over the last few years we have had the opportunity to appreciate in a very significant way, showing you many ways to be able to arrange it in the best way, and thus allowing you to have practical ideas for evaluation to obtain an adequate restyling with a great visual impact. But how to achieve, without effort and errors, a nice look of medium short hair with bangs ?


Not all fringes are created equal


The starting point of your evaluation is certainly the following: even if very often it is given as an established element, it must always be remembered that not all fringes are the same, and that for every fringe will correspond of course a “favorite” face. So, avoid launching yourself on a certain fringe with excessive security, but ask yourself if it can actually be right for you, or it is better to go elsewhere. In doing so, do not be in a hurry: too much speed is in fact a bad adviser, and it would be good to avoid it …


Any examples?


If you want some good examples from which to start in order to arrive at the definition of a adequate restyling, you can take the following lines as a base. Remember, therefore, that a long and full fringe could help you shorten the length of your face (ideal if you have a very long oval) and that a long and open fringe, possibly modifiable with a tuft , will allow you to play with different looks in a short time and without much effort. Remember also that the longer the fringe, the more it will have to be retouched more frequently, since the risk that it may end up on the eyes after a few days is very evident.


Fringe: here are some photos for a better choice


If you want to have some good visual style alternatives to use in order to find the best fringe with which to enrich your hair style, you cannot miss the following lines. In fact, we have identified and shared with you many photos of hair that can beautify your gaze and your face, to be adapted – based on what we have anticipated above – on the basis of your specific visual characteristics. Get help from your hairdresser : a careful and professional look is what is needed in these cases!

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