Men's Hairstyles by Face Shape

Men's Hairstyles by Face Shape

How Should The Men’s Haircuts Be According To The Face Type?


Let’s categorize face shapes for hair and beard models suitable for face type for men. Because choosing a hairstyle according to your face shape will provide the proportion and find the best style.

Men with a triangular face shape

Narrow cheekbones and sharp jaw lines stand out in these face types. The face shape will look more balanced with a cut where the upper parts of your hair are kept long. If groomed beards are always cut in the style of goatee, you can soften your chin lines and get the best look.


Men with a square face shape

Prefer models with short combs of the sideburns and the top of your hair. A little bit of cut-out is also ideal for a square face type male. If you like beards, dirty or long beards are for you…


Men's Hairstyles by Face Shape

Men’s hair and beard models by face type


Round face men


Men with a round face type, please do not cut your hair short verin Give your hairdresser an idea of ​​choosing back-combed hairstyles to add some sharpness to your facial expression. Models that are long and scanned may also be suitable. You can also complete your style with a thin and well-groomed beard.


Men with oval face type


If your face is longer than the width, you have an oval face shape, and the good news is that in oval face types, every model looks hungry and beard. For example, you may consider extending your hair and collecting it from behind. For different styles, consult your hairdresser and follow more style magazines.


Hairstyles for wide-fronted men


If your forehead is wide and this bothers you, comb the top of your hair forward. And make sure you pay attention to this in your haircut.



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