Michelle Hunziker changes her look! New hairstyle for her

Michelle Hunziker changes her look! New hairstyle for her

The change of look has also arrived for the beautiful Swiss Michelle Hunziker ! The showgirl posted several stories during yesterday’s day just as she was at her trusted hairdresser, announcing the imminent change of her hairstyle. Needless to say, he left fans and onlookers with bated breath waiting for the result.


Michelle Hunziker changes her look


Hunziker during the stories launched several surveys asking his followers if they had any idea what he was doing and many guessed! Michelle since yesterday has been sporting a very cute long and frayed bang that gives her a lot.


The secret of this fringe is precisely its lightness ; usually a para bangs can weigh down or harden the features, this instead brings the opposite result!


In this case, the beautiful Michelle opted for a cut that frames her face and gives her a cheeky appearance, the bangs, in fact, are open and allow a glimpse of the forehead.


In the past we had already seen it in this version and already at the time it had dominated the trends of the period; who knows who will not launch fashion once again inspiring many of us!

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