Mocha hair: new color, new trend for this season!

Mocha hair: new color, new trend for this season!

The mocha hair are about to invade us: the time has come for the most beautiful warm color for our hair, long or medium that is, which has never been invented for our hot summers! And, as summer has almost arrived, don’t waste time, start trying them to see which shades are best for you. Follow us in our roundup of mocha hair!


Hairstylists and mocha hair.


Those who decide which hairstyles the stars will show off on the most famous catwalks in the world, have launched for this summer a new color , very warm and with very natural shades, so versatile that it will marry the hair of all lengths: the mocha hair !


Mocha hair: what color will they have?


The mocha hair will have a dark shade as its base color, a brown shade that will have the magic of lighting up with lighter reflections (or slightly darker in the rare case it starts from a less dark base shade ) which will give you a mood oriented to elegance and seduction. As it is easy to imagine the name of the coloring derives from coffee.


The reasons for the success of mocha hair.


What ensures such success for this color that is inspired by coffee blends is not so much the characteristic of being able to range from warm to cold shades of brown, as that of to be perfectly adaptable to all shades of complexion , personalizing the gradations of color based on the complexion of the skin, the color of the eyes and also the shape of the oval of the face.


So much so that you can ask your hairdresser to make your mocha hair stretch to shades chocolate dark, therefore darker and fuller, rather than those of a shaken coffee , therefore with lighter shades with reflections that tend to darker shades of blond.


Keep in mind that on the brown base it is possible to add almost all shades of reflections , also, if you want, the coppery, honey or golden ones. In short, you are spoiled for choice.


The mocha hair, the look and the complexion.


The mocha hair, even if it has a dark base, being able to enhance itself with reflections and shades of various shades , are particularly suitable for those who want to highlight their look. They are very suitable for those who have a light complexion but, taking advantage of the play of light with reflections, they can also be perfectly adapted to those who are lucky enough to have an amber complexion complexion, perhaps even during the winter.

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