Modern and short hairstyles for those with light hair

Modern and short hairstyles for those with light hair

Light hair is an element of great attraction, which needs to be carefully enhanced through the choice of the right hairstyles. Just to allow you to properly comply with this precept, we recommend you consult our photo gallery today: 18 modern and short hairstyles await you for those with light hair and want to offer their appeal even more convincingly in the coming months.


Any examples? If you have very fine and thin light hair, it may be useful to try to give a greater volume in the back of the hair: a trick easily applicable if you have long hair, but simple enough to set up even with short hair.


Not only that: if your hair is smooth and easy to tame, you can try to give yourself a new appeal with the classic style with a side line, dividing the hair. The blonde, even homogeneous, will give a very clean finish and will certainly be able to satisfy even the most demanding people.


If you also have light and wavy hair, you are already at an excellent point. During the autumn – winter, light and wavy hair will represent a very valid starting point for affirming your style. An easily stylable rock mood, which – even on a short or medium cut – will also be able to appreciate any bleaching technique, with the tips of the hair lighter than the rest of the length.


Overall, it is good that the style for your short and light hair is as much as possible left to naturalness and instinct. Therefore, avoid exaggerating with the products for the finish, and weighing down or stiffening everything with lacquers, foam, gel and more. Instead, it is better to approach a very natural hairstyle, which can enhance your authenticity.


As far as can be guessed, even light hair must be subject to appropriate revisions. Depending on the cut you are going to choose (from the most extreme pixie to the most sober bob), it is likely that you will need a touch-up to your hair at least once a month, in order to preserve the original geometries and give a revision to the whole look.


So, browse our photogallery, and try to find some tempting alternative of style: we are sure that you will not make much effort …

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