My Hair Doesn't Grow!

You may think that your hair is not growing fast enough and the hair that you dream of reaching your waist is a million ways away. In fact, hair growth is a situation that varies from person to person. Some women’s hair can grow up to 1 cm per month while others may go up to 2 cm. This is a genetic condition. It will be better to eliminate situations that slow down their growth before researching ways to grow hair faster.

Hair care starts from the scalp first. If there is a problem with dandruff or dryness on your scalp, your hair will grow longer. Dandruff problem prevents your scalp from breathing and causes unpleasant images with white grains that are constantly pouring into your clothes. If the dandruff problem has become serious, it is useful to see a skin doctor. You’d better start using anti-dandruff shampoo in advance. You can find a solution to this problem with hair care masks that can be prepared at home. Lemon and vinegar are best known among herbal remedies against dandruff. Before you go to bed in the evening, apply 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to the scalp and massage. It may also be useful to massage the scalp with 3 tablespoons of vinegar half an hour before the shower and then wash it with shampoo normally.

Always wash your hair with warm water


We all love the hot bath, especially in winter, but very hot water is not the right approach for our skin as well as our scalp. Hot water degrades the pH balance and dries our scalp. Hair growth slows down due to dry scalp.

Stay away from stress is easy!


Yes, the stress of daily life is challenging for all of us. But our hair grows slowly due to stress. If you have had a hard day, first get a calming herbal tea, such as chamomile or lavender, when you get home and sit comfortably on the sofa. Again, a warm shower before dinner can soothe your nervous stretches.


Balanced and healthy nutrition is also important for hair


Make sure you consume enough vegetables and fruits daily. With a menu rich in protein , you can get healthy hair. Malnutrition, heavy diets and fast food eating habits are the habits that those who want to grow their hair fast should stay away from.


Stay away from smoking


Oxygen is not carried to some cells because of smoking, so the vessels contract. Smokers’ skin is pale and scalp is lifeless. One of the methods of fast hair growth is quitting smoking .


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