Natural Hair Mask Advice For All Hair Problems

You can get very healthy hair with hair care masks that you will apply at home. However, there are a few things to consider when applying hair care at home. First of all, you should determine your hair’s need. You should take care to apply a mask suitable for your hair type. Every hair needs is different. Some masks moisturize, some repair, some protect hair, some make it look fuller. In this article, we want to talk about how to make hair care at home suitable for hair types.

We cannot deny that we all have the desire to reach perfection as soon as possible. When it comes to beauty, we have no patience. We want everything we apply to have a magic wand effect. Unfortunately, ladies. When it comes to maintenance, continuity becomes even more important. Hair care requires continuity. So, let me apply it twice, the dream of having healthy shining hair is only true in the ads of shampoos – if we eat it: “Eye-catching hair in three washes!” How many times that hair was washed, how many care brooms did it not shine like that, but people believe it wants. Hair care mask will not bring you eye-catching hair in such an application, but if you apply it regularly, and apply the right hair care masks, dreams come true; You get that cool hair that shines with health. This is the truth! Care is not enthusiasm, it requires patience; It is routine. Now let’s come to effective hair care masks suitable for hair types and hair needs.

Hair mask suggestions


There are many ways to do hair care at home, now let’s look at how to find the right way. Choosing the right hair mask is the first way. The second way is to choose a hair care mask suitable for the hair problem. Afterwards, application of hair care masks prepared at home…


1- Natural Hair Mask Suggestions According to Hair Types


Hair Care Mask Suggestions for Oily Hair


You can apply masks that will delay the lubrication of the hair for oily hair problem. The most effective recipes to end lubrication among hair care masks at home!

Mask for oily hair


Hair Care Mask with Yogurt and Eggs
This recipe, which has been applied for years between natural hair care masks, nourishes the hair, is very effective for your oily hair problem.
50 grams of nonfat yogurt
1 egg
Beat the yogurt and egg
Apply the mixture on moist and clean hair
] Wait 30 minutes and wash with warm water
Note: Can be applied twice a week.


Hair Care Mask with Honey and Egg Yolk
Hair mask with honey and egg yolk will make your hair look more voluminous. It has a strong effect on the oily appearance.
1.5 teaspoons of honey
2 egg yolks
Blend the honey and egg into your scalp and rub it on your ends
After 30 minutes, rinse with warm water and shampoo
Note: We recommend using a non-moisturizing shampoo.


Baking Hair with Baking Soda and Vinegar Mask
Baking soda balances the PH value of your hair and provides less lubrication.
4 tablespoons of baking soda
Half a glass of vinegar
Add a little bit of water to the paste, mix until it becomes a paste.
Feed the mixture well into your scalp
Leave it for 15 minutes
Add vinegar to 3 liters of rinse water and rinse your hair
Note: Can be applied once a week.


Hair Care Mask Suggestions for Dry Hair ri


Olive Oil Mask For Dry Hair
The most applied mask for hair care at home is olive oil mask. The strong moisturizing and nourishing feature of olive oil ends your hair dryness with regular application.
Half a cup of olive oil
Heat olive oil over low heat
Massage your scalp
One and a half hours After waiting, rinse with warm water and shampoo.
Note: You can also apply without heating. It is recommended to apply once or twice a week.


Egg White Mask for Dry Hair
Egg whites that nourish the hair deeply add softness and moisture to the hair. It is one of the easily applied natural hair care masks.
2 egg whites
1 spoon of non-fat yogurt
Mix the egg white and yogurt thoroughly
apply with massage
Wait for 40 minutes and rinse with warm water
Note: It can be applied once a week.


Castor Oil Mask for Dry Hair
Castor oil mask, which nourishes and moisturizes the hair, is an effective natural hair care mask on hair dryness.
A small bottle of castor oil
Half tablespoon of cognac
Application [194590011]
Mix castor oil and cognac
to your scalp and hair Apply the mixture to your tips
Wait two hours and rinse your hair
Note: You can apply it once a week.


Mask Recommendation for Normal Hair


You can regularly apply a hair care mask at home to make her hair look livelier and brighter than it is.


Castor Oil Hair Care Mask For Normal Hair
2 tablespoons castor oil
2 tablespoons of pure alcohol
2 raw eggs yolk
Mix the ingredients in a container, rub all your hair with massage
Wait half an hour and rinse with warm water


Hair Care Mask for Fine Hair


Fine hair can look voluminous and lifeless in nature. However, you can ensure that your hair is more voluminous with natural hair care masks.

Wheat Extract Hair Care Mask for Fine Hair
Wheat extract is very rich in vitamin E. It makes your hair look voluminous and plump, gives vitality.
Wheat essential oil
Heat the wheat essential oil (You can put it in the hot water bowl)
After pouring the water, apply the oil to your entire hair.
Wait for an hour and rinse your hair with cold water.
Wash your hair with shampoo at the last stage


2- Natural Hair Care Masks


Hair Care Mask for Shiny Hair
Two tablespoons of acacia honey
Five tablespoons of lemon juice
Acacia honey and mix the lemon juice.
Feed your hair to the bottom and ends.
Wait 10 minutes and wash with warm water
It can be applied once a week.


Repairing Hair Mask for Damaged Hair
3 tablespoons of castor oil
1 egg yolk
3 tablespoons castor mix the oil with 1 egg yolk and apply to damp hair
Let your hair penetrate all parts of the hair
Wait for an hour and rinse with warm water
Note: This mask is also effective in the rapid growth of hair.


Hair Care Mask That Prevents Hair Loss


If you are wondering how to apply almond oil on hair, here is our recipe


150 ml of olive oil
Four tablespoons of almond oil
1 ampum vitamin A


Apply to the scalp with massage.
Then feed on all the hair.
Wrap the hair with a warm towel
Leave it for two hours and wash it with warm water


Garlic Hair Mask That Nourishes Hair
The garlic hair mask nourishes and renews the hair follicles.
4 cloves of garlic
Grind the garlic in the mortar
massage with the oil and massage again with the olive oil
do it
Rinse with warm water
Note: Garlic hair mask nourishes hair, prevents hair loss, protects against environmental factors.


Hair Care Mask For Fast Hair Growth


Pine turpentine oil
Mix your hair with shampoo
Wash your hair regularly with shampoo
] Note: Pine Turpentine is not applied directly to the hair. The most convenient method is to mix it with shampoo.


You can also get information about the benefits of pine turpentine oil in this article.


Hair Care Mask For Broken Hair
Two tablespoons of honey
1 tablespoon of vinegar
2 teaspoons of almond oil
Mix all ingredients well.
Feed the mixture on your hair ends
Wrap your hair with a warm towel and let it sit for 1 hour
Rinse your hair with warm water


Hair mask suggestions for dry hair


Mayonnaise Hair Mask for Dry and Damaged Hair
Mayonnaise hair mask is an effective hair care mask for damaged hair. It repairs hair and adds shine.
4 spoons of mayonnaise
1 egg
1-2 tablespoons of olive oil (or jojoba oil can be coconut oil)
Application [19459003 ]
Bring the ingredients to room temperature
Mix the egg and mayonnaise
Add olive oil on the other hand
Massage the moist hair for 15 minutes and mix the mixture
Wrap your hair with bone for at least one more than 2 hours
Rinse with warm water
Note: You can apply the mayonnaise hair mask once a week.


Moisturizing Hair Mask with Olive Oil and Honey
Olive oil and honey is an effective moisturizing hair mask. It gives the moisture it needs to the hair and makes it look shiny.
Half a teaspoon of olive oil
Two teaspoons of honey
Massage the mixture all over your hair
Maximum two hours soak it in your hair
Rinse with warm water


When you choose the appropriate one for your hair from the hair care masks above and apply it regularly, you will notice the change in your hair in a short time!


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