Natural Hair Perfume

It takes effort to have well-groomed, lively and shiny hair. Continuity and quality products are very important in washing, care and shaping stages. But during the day, cigarette smoke, food and other odors in the environment may reach the level that can disturb you by sticking to your hair. Even when you leave the smell of the environment you are in, your hair will not go after you all day.

For this, we recommend you to use hair perfume, which is very popular recently. Some of us try to make it smell good by spraying the perfume we use daily, but this method is not recommended because it damages your hair. Alcohol in the perfume can dry your hair and make it appear lifeless. It is best to use hair perfume for this. You can have hair that smells health all day with natural hair perfume that you can easily prepare at home. Most importantly, you can also care for your hair with this method. Two birds with one stone J

Making hair perfumes at home


What is your favorite scent? Lavender? Is it vanilla? Are you interested in sweet floral fragrances? All you have to do is take vegetable oil from the transplant. For example, the scent of lavender means comfort and lightness for many people. It helps you get rid of the stress of the day and calm down. If you think so, choose lavender oil.


The smell of violet oil may be interesting with its dominant aroma. Violet oil, which is especially recommended for dry hair, is also used in hair loss. Preparing is quite simple. Pour warm water into a spray bottle. It is enough to drip one of the 3 drops of vegetable oils for 100 ml of water. Shake well and natural hair perfume is ready. Tighten all your hair when you leave the house. While you are caring for hair with vegetable oils, you can also spread fragrances around.

vegetable oil used in hair care While lavender oil is the best known, you can use rosemary oil and coconut oil in the same way to make hair perfume. As you can see making natural hair perfume at home, it is both effortless and easy to apply.


Let’s come to those who are lazy to do at home. If you do not have time to prepare at home, Kerastase perfume is recommended. You can examine the product from Vanilya Club site and order easily.


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