New balayages all for you! A collection of photos not to be missed!

New balayages all for you! A collection of photos not to be missed!


A short distance from our last in-depth analysis on the topic, we also return today to deal with balayage, one of the aesthetic treatments preferred by women in order to give a dynamic and natural reflection to their hair. Balayage is, moreover, a real cure-all for all those people who are particularly attentive to hair fashion, and who wish to be able to give a refinement and pleasant personalization to their look, thus avoiding falling back into the temptation to “get rid” of their own. restyling with a homogeneous and not particularly bright tone.


Having said that, the balayage is certainly one of the top trends of the last two years, capable of undermining other methods of coloring and bleaching from the top steps of the podium of preferences. The reasons are clear: balayage can guarantee our hair a natural effect, similar to what could be obtained during a prolonged exposure to the sun (maybe, an effect that could be obtained during this period of conclusion of the beautiful days!) .


With balayage it is in fact possible to achieve clear reflections, with a natural effect, with more or less sharp contrasts with the previous color base. In any case, the goal will be to have hair on your head that will have the feeling of vitality and dynamism.


By contacting a good hairdresser, you will certainly be able to avoid any kind of error in the correct predisposition to the approach stages of this kind of coloring style. Therefore, try to consult beforehand with an excellent hairstylist who will guide you in identifying the most correct lightening mode, and the shades to “go back” with respect to the base color.


Also remember that balayage, although so deserving in terms of the final result, is in any case a treatment that – like many others of the same “species” – should not be repeated too many times on one’s head, as the risk would be to stress excessively your hair and make it dull and dull. It is therefore better to limit yourself to a balayage refresh 1-2 times a year in addition to the first application, always following the instructions and directions provided by your hairdresser.


Having said that, we remind you that our photogallery is at your disposal with 20 shots that will be a valid starting point for your style and beauty needs. A launching pad towards a new and renewed style compared to the past, with which to find the well-deserved affirmation in the autumn / winter season. Good vision!

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