New color ideas for short hair!

New color ideas for short hair!

The color is one of the fundamental elements in order to arrive at the definition of an attractive and seductive look. Important – we believe – at least as much as cutting and styling. And it is no coincidence that more and more beauty salons are trying to meet the needs of every woman through the design of customized solutions that can give a look more in line with their preferences and their way of being.


What are the most suitable colors for short hair for the current season?


For the current season, we believe that the various shades of red are among the preferred colors: from colder red, to coppery red, from peach to pink, all these shades will certainly have the opportunity to understand how important it can be to develop a look tending to red . We also very pleasantly record a return to brown , especially in the lighter (on the one hand) or darker (on the other hand) variations. Instead, avoid the tepid and uncertain middle ground, which does not seem to be able to enhance your appearance in the new season.


Gray and black always on the track!


Among the other colors that we suggest you to analyze with great care and detail, the gray, continues to live its successful moment, and the timeless black, to be revealed perhaps – as we have seen in recent weeks – in black violet, with reference to purple. And what about blondes? From honey to caramel, you are spoiled for choice!


The explosion of the pastel


It is no coincidence that already in 2015 there was an increasing use of pastel shades. From pink to light blue , from green to purple, there are many women who have embraced these colors for just one tuft, or for a partial or total discoloration. Moreover, the embarrassment of the choice of super cool shades is well present: why not fall into temptation?


Color, to each his own!


However obvious, the fact that during 2016 there is no predominant color, and there is ample room to “dare” (do the granny hair tell you something?) Does it mean that you can approach to any color without a minimum of concentration. Therefore always seek synergy with your personality and your way of being: the rest will come by itself!


Spring, the season of color!


As we have reiterated above, and as we have repeatedly repeated to you over the past few days, spring is certainly the season of color , the time of year when they are the recourse to new shades, also “exaggerated” with respect to your habits, are becoming stronger and more widespread. An explosion that does not only concern make-up or wardrobe, which also undergo the effects of this reinvigoration, but also affects the world of hair fashion , which can only end up being interested in the inspirations of this fantastic pre-summer season!


All spring hair fashion trends


From these inspirations to reality the step is indeed very short. On social networks, in fact, the new trend Geode Hair, or a hair crown that seems to subtract the best and most seductive nuances of the semiprecious stones: the salons recur to increasingly bold and excessive color trends, capable of bringing back the pastel shades and the shades rainbow cooler. From blue locks to those emerald, passing through peach-colored shades , liveliness and audacity seem to be the two elements that will dominate the current season .


Moreover, those of you who have had the opportunity to explore more carefully the products available in the beauty salon (and not only, even the sector stores are increasingly supplied), many rather well-known manufacturers have had the opportunity to recreate ranges of colors declined in different shades able to help in the realization of any typology of nuance , and thus to satisfy any creativity!


If you want to obtain even cooler effects, the rainbow effect can only be the one for you! It is an even more explosive blend of nuances , with a gradual color effect, which passes from one color to another without clear demarcation: the optical effect is incredible!


Finally, we remind you that if you want to try these shades but you are afraid of working too long with a look that could eventually tire you, you can still find the temporary dyes, whose duration varies between 3 and 10 shampoos (longevity exact will depend on the type of hair , on its porosity, on its structure) and which will therefore allow you to create the desired effect without restricting yourself much.



















































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