New cuts for short and fine hair for S / S 2017!

New cuts for short and fine hair for S / S 2017!

Do you have fine hair and are you worried about not being able to show off that look you want so much? You are probably afraid of … nothing. If in fact it is true that with short and fine hair there is the evident risk of being able to show off a “flat” hair and without particular volume, it is equally true that in reality very few precautions and some simple ad hoc remedies are enough to be able to make your hair feature a real added value, a strength with which to model a truly impactful and fascinating hairstyle. But how?


Fine and sparse hair? It is not said that it is a defect …


In short, from the above introduction you should already have realized that the fine and sparse hair , which many women believe is a defect and a huge disadvantage to consider, can actually represent [ 19459005] many benefits, such as the possibility of “being able to indulge” in very short and rather scaled haircuts, which could instead be much more difficult to achieve towards women who sport thick hair and very important volumes. So, if you have rather thin hair, and you can’t get the volumes you want, instead of blaming the nature and characteristics of your hair, take it with yourself or with the hairdresser: probably the responsibility is in fact the choice of a incorrect haircut for your hair . The secret of a nice look for short and fine hair (but the rule applies to all!) Is in fact the right choice hairstyle able to enhance that specific and specific type of hair .


New cuts for short and fine hair for S / S 2017!


Coolest cuts for short and fine hair


At this point, the question is legitimate: what are the most suitable cuts for those with fine hair and without volume? In principle, what is most suggested for all women who have this feature in their hair, is to focus attention and commitment on tendentially short cuts, scaling and hair styles messy style , which are ideal for people who want to help give greater movement and volume to their own crown .


From the foregoing it follows that the pixie cut , the bob particularly paraded and still the boyish cuts, among which he recently returned to the bowl cut is particularly fashionable. Do not underestimate also to decline the short cut on the “medium – short”, with the use of scaled wob and long bob, which are an excellent choice for women with fine and thin hair. Finally, if you really want to choose a long haircut, nothing better than to bet with passion on the swag, one of the favorites of this spring summer, to be paraded only on the tips.


New cuts for short and fine hair for S / S 2017!


You can finally find a new volume in the appeal to the already mentioned messy style, one disheveled very fashion , which over the past few years has become one of the most popular hair trends. It will give you more volume and more … comfort: styling the messy style means taking a few seconds compared to more structured and “orderly” looks.


50 models to follow!


As always, even today we are pleased to close our study by providing you with a nice range of 50 different stylistic models to follow if you have short and fine hair. Try to browse the range of images that we have chosen to share with you, and try to understand if there is really something inside that is worth experimenting with. If so, all you have to do is try to find the best satisfactions in the company of your hairdresser, who will certainly help you in structuring a fantastic look for the next season!


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