New Hair Colors Trends of Summer Season

New Hair Colors Trends of Summer Season

2017 Summer Hair Colors

Changing hair color is one of the easiest changes to ourselves. Often, many women take their breath away from the hairdressing chair after intense stressful times. It is certain that a modern and pleasant hair color will make us feel good and increase our self-confidence. Changing hair color takes time, but maintaining hair color requires more care. If you are considering these, you can take a look at 2017 summer hair colors. Another point to remember is to consider your skin tone and eye color when deciding on hair color. As with fashion, trends in beauty, care and hair are constantly changing, but think carefully before making a radical change in your hair.

2017 hair color trends include light tones, eye-catching bright tones for winter. Golden tones bales thrown on intense coffees, blends with blorange, different hair colors such as nude and ronze, new hair colors, gothic coffee and, of course, ice white and gray tones that are still obsolete…


New Hair Colors Trends of Summer Season

It will be possible to see many different shades around us this summer. You can choose the one that suits you by examining 2017 hair colors that contain different alternatives for each skin according to the types of tastes and tastes. But the main thing is not to stay away from naturalness while looking for the hair color that suits you 😉 Our recommendation for this is to try the Ecaille technique. Because in Ecaille, a technique consisting of 3 shades is applied to the entire hair. It has a natural look as it consists of close tones.


Red shades are also among the colors used this season. While the crimson scarves are particularly popular colors, let’s not forget that this color requires care and is difficult to use.


Those who cannot give up yellow


Although the use of blond hair is a bit troublesome, it is sure to be glamorous and flashy. Smoky yellow is among the colors we can see quite a lot this year. If you have wheat skin, you can choose a smoky yellow color that will add vitality, energy and beauty to your face.


Color Hair


Hair colored in pastel tones, which is a favorite of recent times, can keep your self-confidence by keeping your energy high in the summer season.


Nude tones


Nude actually means hair that looks natural in color as if it were dyed but not dyed. After the clothing and make-up trends, the Nude trend also jumped on the hair. Ask your hairdresser for nude shades and ask them to return to your childhood hair according to your skin, eyes and eyebrow color 🙂


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