New hairstyles for those with short hair!

New hairstyles for those with short hair!

If you are looking for new hairstyles to show off, we advise you to immediately consult the photogallery that we are pleased to offer you in a few lines: in fact you will find a long series of alternatives that we like to offer you, and which could be the right starting point in order to arrive at the definition of a new look that will surely have the pleasure of improving your figure in the months to follow.


There are many alternatives available to you. Among them, you can evaluate excellent short helmets, with bob lengths to represent a nice choice of femininity to try to further appreciate your look in a sensual and jaunty way. A choice that we have repeatedly underlined and supported several times in the last few months and which you can combine with tufts, fringes and other variations.


What is important is to try to understand that a helmet and a very short cut will allow the face to obtain even greater visibility, and that therefore any defects could be subject to an “enlargement” by the beholder. This does not of course mean that you will have to abandon any type of short cut development, but that the consultation phase with your trusted hairdresser will certainly be the most important one in order to arrive at the definition of a suitable look.


Hair styles for the woman who works in the office


But what is the short hair to choose for office life? As is evident, there are numerous alternatives available: from very short cuts to medium length bobs, the portfolio of alternatives is particularly rich and vast, and within which you will certainly be able to identify what that is more for you, thus guaranteeing you a renewed and always impeccable look.


Of course, what you will always have to remember is that choosing a short haircut will allow your face to gain even greater visibility. A feature that can be very useful to all those women who have an office job and have to interface with colleagues and customers with personality, and which however could be a double-edged sword in case of failure to control the weaknesses and power.


In other words, the short cut must be well thought out with your hairdresser. That is, it must be customized in such a way that it can act in synergy with the characteristics of the face, and it can guarantee you the safety you deserve in the workplace.


Short wavy hair, new hairstyles for you!


New hairstyles for those with short hair!


Of course, we remember how the choice of a short and choppy hairstyle must be well calibrated with your own facial features. Therefore, if you are thinking of giving us a cut, pay some attention, and remember that cutting your hair will enhance your strengths and weaknesses. Proportionate therefore the length and the width on the basis of the characteristics of your face .


For example, if your face shape is very wavy, you should try to avoid “shooting” the hair towards the sides, as you would flatten the figure even more. Instead, it is better to opt for a nice tuft, a fringe and a nice scaling that can wear out the face and give the impression of an oval. On the other hand, if you have a very long face, the curls will be ideal for you, because playing on their movement you will certainly be able to enlarge the figure, helping to reduce the slimming of the shape.


In short, even wavy and curly hair can well represent an ideal choice for a short length. However, it is important to try to personalize the look with a minimum of attention, perhaps with the help of your trusted hairdresser, who will be able to protect you from errors of any kind, which are often the children of the desire to fall into easy temptation, and to underestimate the scope of some malus that are typical of short and wavy hair.


As it turns out to be quite understandable, there is no short haircut that can go “well” for all . Instead, it is important to start looking for the right short haircut with the awareness that our goal must be to create the illusion of an oval face, which is the shape of the face that best suits the short haircut.


Therefore, if you have a particularly long face, you can focus on something that can increase the sense of width a little, thus balancing the length of the face. So try to focus on a short and wavy hair, which will certainly create the right dynamism and the right sensuality in order to better enhance your face.


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