New ideas to give a fantastic color to your short hair!

New ideas to give a fantastic color to your short hair!

If you want to look even more beautiful than you are, nothing better than to target your short hair and consider a sudden change in tone. The colors that your hairdresser will be able to make available to you are, on the other hand, hundreds, and all of them are easily combined with excellent coloring and bleaching techniques that – even on short hair! – will be able to give their best.


Although shatush & co seem to be preferably directed towards long hair, in fact nothing prevents you from experimenting with these colors even on short hair (as long as, however, the hair exceeds the height of your chin!). Just a pinch of creativity and conviction, the natural sharing of your intentions with the hairdresser, and you’re done: fantastic and enviable colors!


Although excessively underestimated, in fact, the color of one’s hair is one of the main elements of seduction and charm. An element that will provide you with the right added value to be able to face the coming seasons under a new aspect and with renewed hopes.


Having established the above, we want to offer you a roundup of new color ideas for your short hair. Ideas that we have “captured” by some of the hottest stars of the moment, and which of course could also be replicated comfortably on your head.


Leafing through our photogallery you will realize that the opportunities are really many! It starts from a dark complexion with blond and brown reflections, to the pixie choice of Jennifer Lawrence, with a decisive lightening . People who want to be more daring can also evaluate extraordinary green reflections , or even a total turquoise that will amaze even the people with the greatest views, with a youthful, fresh and sensual (and no longer – evidently – relegated to manga only!).


The next season will first of all be full of transversal inspirations. Hairstylists have already taken full advantage of the past, and will continue to do so in the coming months, trying to integrate classic cuts with very modern reinterpretations. In this way it will be possible to draw the features of a very feminine woman with a great personality but, above all, current and in step with the times. Therefore, go-ahead for retro cuts, which will certainly bring to mind the best looks of the 70s. Or maybe a step back still full-bodied, dusting off the best vintage cuts. The important thing is to personalize them and decline them to the present day, in such a way that they appear, at the same time, classic and sophisticated.


As regards the fringe, one of the always green “accessories”, it is good to remember that there are no rules valid for everyone, considering that even the fringe can only be carefully calibrated on your image, in order not to damage the own personality and style.


Those who want to return to a more expendable terrain, can aim for bobs or very fresh cuts embellished with copper or blond, or even orange reflections. If you love black, you can give it a go as Katy Perry did, recently able to show off a bob with a very, very attractive black!

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