New look for Martina Colombari: the miss becomes blackberry

New look for Martina Colombari: the miss becomes blackberry

Time for changes for showbiz celebrities; also Martina Colombari – former Miss Italy from 1991 – sported a new look. Always very blonde, today the Colombari looks completely different. Fans, however, appreciate this news and wonder if there are no other changes in sight.


Martina Colombari goodbye to the blonde


Is it true what is said about women’s hair? Or do they love to change them based on their mood or their life? Probably yes. And then great news is expected in the Colombari-Costacurta house .


The Miss of 1991 has been sporting for a few days on Instagram a dark look, very different from how we are used to seeing it. In the past weeks, many stars have decided to change their image in favor of something new, different. Martina Colombari opted for a radical twist: a super blackberry tint.


New look for Martina Colombari: the miss becomes blackberry


Fan reaction


Billy Costacurta’s wife has accustomed her audience to seeing her always blonde; sometimes adorning its hair with several cold blonde streaks, other times alternating a honey blonde with a platinum one.


The nuance of Martina Colombari has always been clear and decisive, but this time she wanted to leave everyone with her mouth wide open. The likes of appreciation are over forty thousand and the comments are all positive, many in favor of the desire to change and feel different. Among the many positive opinions also those of the colleagues of Martina stand out, among them also Samantha De Grenet, Elena Barolo and Marica Pellegrinelli.


The new look of Colombari , however, is nothing more than a wig ; for the moment the Miss does not abandon her affectionate blonde, but who can say that in the future she will not favor a drastic choice like this? Only time will tell. Blonde, brunette or redhead, however, Martina remains beautiful.

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