New scaled and asymmetrical short haircuts!

New scaled and asymmetrical short haircuts!

The scaled and asymmetrical short haircuts have always represented a look of particular reference for all those women who wish to reinvigorate their hairstyle , pointing the bar towards a safe choice success, which will absolutely be able to confer greater security and self-esteem, giving concrete evidence to one side of your personality that we are sure you will want to brush up in view of next spring. But what are the best styles of short haircuts scaled and asymmetrical that you can choose to adopt for these pre-spring weeks? Let’s find out together, also showing you a nice gallery with 55 different alternatives!


A nice way to personalize the look


In short, if you are thinking of personalizing your short hair, or if you are also thinking whether or not to opt for a short hairstyle, you have certainly come to the right place. In fact, we have prepared for you many ideas and many ideas that will help make your haircut even more original and original than you have ever been used to doing! So, simply try to carve out a few useful minutes of your time, open your mind to new “scenarios” and let yourself be lulled by the photos that follow!


The short becomes asymmetrical!


As far as our current focus is concerned, we can only remember how for this spring – summer 2017 the short “becomes” more and more asymmetrical. Therefore, we advise you to evaluate with particular attention and confidence the possibility of resorting to scalings , sfilature , tufts lateral , messy bangs and anything else that can make your hairstyle more asymmetrical and able to give dynamism to your look and your whole figure. Do not be afraid to make yourself too saucy: the messy will be terribly fashionable even in the coming months, and will guarantee you all the benefits of this (fashionable!) World.


Inspiration for everyone


Fortunately, it won’t be that difficult to find the right style inspiration! On the fashion catwalks , in recent months, we have been able to easily see many valid opportunities to shape your short hair in a more asymmetrical key. You can therefore focus on a short and basically masculine cut, or a more feminine pixie cut and recalling the best looks of the 60s or 70s. You can still play with tufts and fringes – two sure protagonists of the next months – and still on shaves, contrasts of lengths and much more!


Of course, in the preparation of the best short and asymmetrical haircut do not forget the importance of the right touch of color. In particular, it will be essential to try to emphasize the cut by playing with some bright reflections that can put your face in a new splendor. So try not to underestimate even this aspect, and to make it synergistic with the haircut. Even on short hair, on the other hand, there will be no obstacle or barrier to your creativity: try to talk to the hairdresser about it and we are sure that you will soon be able to find what is right for you!


Photos to watch!


We conclude, as our habit, by offering you a beautiful gallery with photos to watch and analyze. We advise you to dwell for a while on these models, and try to understand if there are really useful alternatives to be able to enrich the portfolio of restyling opportunities that you are actually trying to adopt for the next season. Therefore take a look at the following and, if you find what you think it can do for you, try to share your ideas and your reflections with your reference hairdresser, with whom we are sure that you will be able to properly customize your new look!


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