New short and black haircuts all for you!

New short and black haircuts all for you!

Are you looking for new ideas to revive your short black hair ? Don’t worry: even today we are back to enriching your choice opportunities with many alternatives prepared specifically for you, in order to renew and further develop your approach towards short haircuts .


A photogallery with 15 excellent shots that will present you with as many trends to experience in the very last part of summer, or with which to start off great in view of an equally spectacular autumn period!


In fact, as will be easily identified through our photogallery today, the group of shots that we have prepared for you will help you understand when and how much short and black hair will be helpful for improve your hairstyle and your overall look, focusing above all on a due synergy with the characteristics of your face.


By taking a look at these shots you will also realize how wide the choice alternative is, and how varied are the most popular trends in 2015 . As we have repeated several times in recent months, you could for example focus on the smooth scaled bob, an excellent style that provides for a reduction in the thickness of the crown, thus favoring a lighter and more harmonious development.


Among the other alternatives that we would like to recommend, the beautiful thinning fringe stands out, to be combed if necessary forward and smooth to be able to capture the attention on your gaze, ensuring a sure success between friends, colleagues and partners !


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As far as the length of your new short and black haircut is concerned, do not be afraid to deepen the experiments, in the company of an image consultant who can help you select the best alternative. For example, you can evaluate the length at the chin (perhaps with the smooth fringe on one side), or even a shorter cut, to be exploited especially if you have a perfect oval face. A wider length, on the other hand, could compensate for the more rounded face, which would need a suitable impression of lengthening.


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As it is easy to understand, and as we will never tire of remembering, in every choice get help from your hairdresser, the only professional who can support you in achieving the best “new” image of yourself.


And remember to let us know how it went, and how you got on with your new look of short black hair!


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